How to choose high-quality cat food?

How to choose high-quality cat food?

The emergence of various kinds of dry food for cats and dogs and canned food meet the three principles of modern life-fast, convenient and economical, but they may not be able to properly meet the true nutritional needs of pets.

Over time, most people think that cats are born to eat packs of commercially available cat food. The bigger misunderstanding is that cats eat only the same brand of cat food every day, year after year, and they will grow up healthy and have balanced nutrition. But just think about it: If you only eat the same refined breakfast cereals for every meal in your life, would you be healthy? Even if cats are completely carnivores, it does not mean that their diet does not need to be diversified.

In fact, for cats to be healthy and lively, they must also absorb various nutrients from appropriate natural foods. If you do not have the confidence or time to learn how to make fresh cat food, you must know how to choose the best and most suitable commercially available cat food for cats at home.

The right mentality to buy food for cats

It is believed that when most parents choose food for their cats, they are based on the cat’s health and preferences. This was originally a show of love, which is a good thing, but if you proceed with the wrong mentality, you may end up choosing cats that are not suitable for you, or food that is healthy and unhelpful to them.

Herding effect

If many netizens have bought cat food of XX brand these days, and praised their cats on the discussion board about how crazy they like to eat, and the stool no longer smells after eating this food, would you be impulsive, Didn’t check the quality and materials of this product, and whether it can meet the individual needs of your cat, just follow everyone to buy this food?You should analyze and consider carefully before buying food, and no longer become a follower.

Affected by popularity or packaging or publicity

Don’t just rely on the popularity or publicity of food brands to make choices!

They do not contain the most important information-the source of nutrition (ie food materials). Some big brands will spend a lot of money on advertising feeds and even find celebrities to endorse them. But when you look at the list of materials, you know that money is not spent on the food. What we really need to care about is the materials used in the products and their quality.

Over-reliance on other people’s recommendations

Every time a parent asks me what brand of cat food or canned cat food is the best, I don’t know how to answer, so I simply don’t answer. First, there is no best pet food on the market. Even if it is the same type of cat food, different cats will have different reactions when they eat it. Second, I don’t want you to rely too much on the recommendations of others (including pet shop clerk, breeder, me, other related professionals, and even veterinarians). It is not asking you not to trust anyone. You can listen to their professional opinions, but you must also think independently and check the ingredients and nutritional characteristics of the product to determine whether it is suitable for the cat in your home.

The above mentioned several common wrong mentalities. So, what is the correct mentality for selecting food?

Check the raw materials and nutrients carefully

The quality of cat food mainly depends on the materials it uses. The problem is that most cat foods on the market are imported from foreign countries, and most of the ingredients are labelled in foreign languages. If the label is in a foreign language other than English that you cannot understand, you can try to report to the relevant food agent and request a translation of the ingredients.

Seriously consider the special needs of cats

Even if the target is locked, it is necessary to carefully consider whether it can meet the individual needs of the cat, such as: the individual’s health of the cat (whether it is sensitive to a certain food, is too heavy or too thin, etc.), or the cat’s preferences.

Many cat parents pay more attention to the reputation of the brand when buying food, or whether it meets the certification of a certain organization (such as the American animal feed management organization AAFCO). But in fact, for any ready-made food, whether it is for humans or pets, to determine the quality, the most important thing is what is in the package, not the numbers or promotional text on the outside of the package.

Cat food made from natural and high-quality ingredients can be easily digested and absorbed by cats and nourish their lives; on the contrary, cat food made of inferior materials may allow cats to survive temporarily, but at the same time it will bring a lot of digestion to the cat’s body Inevitable waste, toxins and various health crises. The quality of the materials used in commercial pet food varies. If you want cats to be healthy, you must pay attention to the food materials.

When reading the ingredient label, the first thing to know is that the materials are arranged in their weight ratios. In other words, the material with the highest weight ratio will be listed first, and the lowest will be listed last. Therefore, it is ideal when one or two of the first five materials of a cat food are high-quality animal protein (animal protein is the most important source of nutrition for cats). It should be noted that fresh meat (such as chicken, beef, lamb, etc.) is naturally higher in weight than other materials because of its extremely high water content. Therefore, if the material is labeled as chicken chop first, then the seventh and eighth materials are still not available. There is another high-quality animal protein such as another kind of fresh meat or chicken meal, mutton meal, etc. This kind of cat food is not considered to contain a large amount of animal protein.


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