How to feed a dog is the most scientific method?

How to feed a dog is the most scientific method?

Dogs always seem to have a loss of appetite, and they are beginning to have anorexia tendency, and they don’t know what to do.

At this time, we must first confirm whether the dog is a partial eclipse due to health problems. Second, consider whether the current quality and taste of dog food are suitable for dogs.

Finally: Please reflect on whether there are any wrong practices in normal feeding, such as:

①Provide excessive and sufficient food to allow dogs to eat unlimited amounts of dog food freely.

② When the dog is not eating, repeatedly use actions, sounds, persuasion, and intimidation to lure the dog to eat. This can easily lead to misunderstandings by the dog: as long as you don’t eat, you can get more attention from the owner, which means that it’s right to skip meals! A dog is an animal that needs to interact with people, so it is willing to give up food in exchange for the attention of its owner.

③When the dog has a bad appetite, immediately change the food, add canned food, and meat to the dog. Don’t change this situation immediately, try again after 2 days, it may just be that the dog is in a bad mood! If this is to make the dog think that refusal to eat, it can be exchanged for better food.

④When the dog refused to eat for a long time, he changed it to something more delicious. Because once the heart is softened and he exchanges something more delicious, he may become a habit on hunger strike in the future.

What is the correct feeding method?

Timing: The feeding time should be fixed every day. Under normal circumstances, it is better to feed once a day in the morning, noon and evening. The specific number of feedings depends on the age of the dog; from weaning to 3 months old, feed 3-4 times a day; 3-6 months old, feed 2-3 times; 6 months to 1 year old , Feed 2 times; over 1 year old, feed 1 to 2 times a day.

Quantitative: The daily feeding amount should be relatively stable, not too much or too little to prevent the dog from overeating or overeating. Note that the food intake of different dogs may be very different, which depends on the owner’s observation to determine. Generally, the weight of each feeding is not more than 80% full. Judgment method: there is no dog food left in the bowl.

Cook before feeding: The dog’s food, whether it is meat or vegetarian, must be cooked before feeding. Otherwise, it is easy to be infected with parasitic diseases and other diseases. The best temperature of dog food should be controlled at about 40 degrees. Excessive heat or cold will cause discomfort in the mouth. When it is hot, put the cooked food to cool before feeding; when it is cold, feed the cooked food while it is hot. Dogs, like us, have to be regular in eating and pay attention to nutrition.

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