How to feed and care for sick dogs?

How to feed and care for sick dogs?

How to feed sick dogs? For sick dogs, it is best to add protein (preferably animal protein feed), minimize the content of crude fiber in the food, and add sufficient vitamins.

Generally speaking, dogs who are sick should follow the principle of eating small meals and eating well and digestion well. But according to the different diseases the dog gets, there should be slight differences:

1. Dogs with severe gastrointestinal diseases:

In fact, for dogs suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, the best way is to starve for a day. But you still have to eat after a day of hungry. At this time, the meal should be mainly digestible protein and carbohydrates. For the time being, don’t eat meat and other oily foods. Boiled egg yolks, rice, steamed buns, or softened dog food belong to this category.

2. Loss of appetite caused by cold and fever:

These dogs have no gastrointestinal problems, but they have no appetite due to other problems. At this time, you should give some food that promotes your appetite, such as food that smells fragrant. You can mix it with broth or minced meat in the dog food, but the portion should be smaller than usual, in line with the principle of eating less and more meals. Because at this time, the digestive ability of the dog’s gastrointestinal tract is still relatively weak, and it is easy for the dog to overeat the delicious food and cause indigestion.

3. Diseases caused by obesity:

Obesity can cause many diseases, and the diet of obese dogs is a problem that requires constant attention. Foods that are relatively high in fiber and low in calories are preferred. Some foods made of cornmeal and vegetables are very suitable for this kind of dog’s food, but when making them, they should smell and smell food: such as a small amount of broth, otherwise the dog will probably refuse to eat.

4. Malnourished dogs:

Pet dogs raised by oneself are generally not malnourished, but stray dogs picked up from the outside are different. They are very likely to be malnourished. For such sick dogs, of course, they should be supplemented with nutrition. Fat, protein, and carbohydrates should be supplemented. However, it is also necessary to provide better digestible foods and eat small meals as the principle. In addition to eating dog food for every meal In addition, add chicken, chicken broth, bone broth and other nutritious things, but remove the oil on the soup, too oily soup can cause diarrhea.

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