How to feed kittens correctly?

How to feed kittens correctly?

Kittens need to develop good feeding habits when they first arrive home, so as to ensure that they will not be picky eating habits in the future feeding process.

Training to eat kitten food

Kittens can eat cat food after 2 months. First of all, they should eat kitten food. The nutrition of cat food is generally guaranteed to be very comprehensive. It can be eaten by cats depending on the situation, or you can buy several kinds and mix them and feed them to cats. it will not refuse more flavors.

If your cat is not accustomed to eating cat food, you can gradually mix kitten food with the food she is accustomed to eating, from less to more, until it is completely replaced (for example, mix cat food with canned cats, and then gradually reduce the amount of canned food. Until the end completely eat pure cat food). Or just give it cat food, it will naturally eat it when he is hungry. In addition, some kittens don’t eat cat food because they don’t know it can be eaten. Maybe it didn’t learn it from their mother, so you need to teach it.

Cat Care - How to feed kittens correctly?

Feeding error

The most common problem for many new cat owners is to let the cat eat meat too early, which will cause the cat’s indigestion and other problems. This must be paid attention to! The digestive system of kittens around February is very delicate and cannot adapt to a large amount of meat food. Feeding canned food and other meat food too early can easily cause cat loose stools (diarrhea caused by indigestion) , Serious may cause gastrointestinal diseases! Therefore, please gradually add meat to the cat after 4 months. In addition,don’t eat too much, because kittens don’t know how to control their food intake and will not digest too much if they eat too much. In short, kittens just like children need your careful attention to grow up healthy.

Nutritional requirements

When cooking for cat alone, it is recommended to feed it egg yolk, chicken liver, chicken, beef, and fish (boneless) in turn in rice or steamed buns. But in any case, food should be the mainstay and meat should be the supplement. The kitten is willing to make 1-2 fresh food for him a week to change his taste.

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