How to feed the Pomeranian.

How to feed the Pomeranian.

The Pomeranian is a compact, short-backed, active playing dog. It is a type of German Fox Terrier and is native to Germany. It has a soft, thick undercoat and thick coat. The base of the tail is high, and the thickly furred tail lies flat on the back. It has a vigilant character, a clever expression, a brisk manner and a curious nature.

Feeding points

1. When the puppy is just born, take mother’s milk; when the teeth are weaned, you can start feeding it with liquid food. The canned meat is heated with boiling water to make a paste, or the young dry food is heated and soaked in water. At the age of two months, you can start eating puppy dog ​​​​food. Large dogs are big and grow fast. You can add some nutrients such as calcium powder to your meals, but you must take them according to the doctor’s instructions and instructions. Some people raise large fighting dogs and like to feed them with raw meat to make them accustomed to blood and gore. This is very dangerous; because uncooked meat has poor hygiene. Secondly, after eating raw meat, when the owner forgets to feed or abandon it, it may endanger people. Many incidents of dogs attacking people are caused by this.

2. The number of feedings per day is roughly as follows: After weaning to three months old: three to four times three to six months old: two to three times six months to one year old: two times over one year old: the time of one or two feedings It can match your work and rest time, but it’s not just feeding. You should also consider adding time for walking the dog, urinating, cleaning the potty, and washing dishes after meals. Wash the bowls immediately after a meal to prevent the residue from attracting rats, cockroaches, and ants, or the leftover food will be corrupted by sunlight and rain. Remove the bowl at the same time, so as not to play with the bowl or even bite it when it is bored. As for how much to feed, it is usually given according to the instructions, and then adjusted according to whether there is any remaining food from the last meal.

3. Buy branded dog food. After opening the dog food, it must be properly stored, the cans must be placed in the refrigerator, and the dry food must be sealed. The first time you buy, don’t buy too much, but buy two or three in small quantities, and see how the puppy reacts after eating it; including palatability. The degree of digestion and absorption, and the shape of excrement. Each variety says its product is the best, cheap and big, so you might as well consult a doctor and an experienced person.

4. Don’t let the dog eat too much, don’t overdo it, let it lick the bowl and lick the bowl proudly; eating too much plus running and jumping after the meal, it is easy to spit out intact. Puppies who are kept in cages all the year round, eating is their rare entertainment, so they will be greedy like hungry ghosts. Don’t be fooled by them, thinking they are really hungry. But a dog that doesn’t eat enough, doesn’ t have a lot of activity, and doesn’t excrete well, it may be really sick, so it’s best to take it to see a doctor. When changing the food for the dog, don’t change it all at once. Each time you mix half of the new food, try for two or three days, gradually increase the new portion, and then use the new one after a week. In this way, the dog’s digestive system can adapt to it, otherwise it will be prone to diarrhea. Many people think that a dog just wants to gnaw bones. In fact, gnawing bones can easily block the dog’s intestines, causing it to be constipated, causing vomiting and poor appetite. Especially chicken bones must not be, because they are small and brittle, they can easily block the esophagus and pierce the gastrointestinal tract. When feeding, be sure to give plenty of water at the same time. There is no need to use distilled water or boiled water, and their stomachs don’t care about these.

Thoroughbred and mixed

Purebred dogs are the result of long-term selection and breeding. They have standard body shape, beautiful appearance, satisfactory temperament and lasting economic value. The choice of purebred dogs must come from reliable personnel. It is best to purchase purebred dogs. There is a pedigree certificate and a transfer certificate. In addition to having no market value and competition value, the small skewers are not inferior to purebred dogs in terms of companions. And there is no need for more special care in life, and it is more worry -free.

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