How to groom a dog at home?

How to groom a dog at home?

Grooming a dog actually costs a lot of money, and a full set of grooming is a lot of money. So owners who like to groom their dogs and want to save money, learn these tricks, you can also groom their dogs at home, simple and save money!

1. The choice of scissors

If you want to groom your dog at home, of course, you need to use scissors, but the choice of scissors is also very particular. Generally speaking, you should choose a shape with a rounded blade at the end, otherwise it will easily stab the dog’s skin. Be careful not to hurt the dog when using it.

2. Grooming the dog’s hair

The length and hardness of the dog’s hair are different, so when choosing a comb, it depends on what your dog looks like, so as to prevent damage to the skin and fur. Dogs have a lot of hair and dense, so it is easy to get some dirt or parasites, so grooming the dog is a very necessary job.

3. Trim the soles of the feet and nails

After combing the hair, remember to trim the bottom hair and nails of the dog. Cutting the bottom hair and manicure is relatively simple. You only need to cut along the side of the blood vessel. Do not cut too hard, because it will easily hurt it. It’s best to develop a habit from childhood and cut it every 2-3 weeks.

4. Check the dog’s ears

Before bathing your dog, check your dog’s ears. If there are ear mites, you can use some cotton ball moistened with cleaning fluid to wipe the ears. Certain long-eared dogs and long-haired dogs need to pay special attention to the cleaning of their ears to ensure that they are clean, tasteless and pink. It is best to wash your dog’s ears once a week.

5. Wash your body

After thorough combing, you can start bathing the dog. The bathing is also exquisite. You must pay attention to the use of dog-specific shower gel. The order of bathing is also important. First, the dirty parts such as the anus, ears , and soles of the feet Wash, and then wash the dog’s hair in order from the limbs to the body.

Some dogs are more afraid of taking a bath. The owner must try to comfort him. You can touch the dog’s head to tell him not to be afraid, or give him some favorite snacks such as chicken jerky, etc., to slowly eliminate the dog’s fear Feeling, I believe it will be smoother to take a bath in this way.

6. Blow dry in time

After bathing the dog, you should blow dry immediately, otherwise the dog is easy to catch a cold. You can use an absorbent towel to dry it first. The absorbent towel for pets can absorb water but will not absorb oil, which helps to keep the fur shiny. Ze. You can also use a bellows or hair dryer to disperse the hair and dry it without too long, as this will burn your dog’s skin.

7. Help the dog make styling

This is the last step, which refers to trimming the dog’s whole body. The shape of each breed of dog is very particular. When pet grooming, cut out the foot shape first, then cut off the excessively long and uneven hair on the legs, then trim the side hair, the broken hair near the anus should be carefully trimmed, and finally trim the head hair.

Grooming your dog requires patience. If you want your dog’s hair to be more beautiful and healthier, you should pay more attention to your dog’s diet.

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