How to judge whether a dog is healthy?

How to judge whether a dog is healthy?

How can I tell if my dog is healthy? Hurry up and learn! Novice pet owners who have just raised pets often encounter this situation. It feels like today’s dog is sick? Yesterday, I ate little and didn’t drink much water. I have been taking care of the puppy in a panic. In fact, you don’t have to be so nervous. You can refer to the following 5 points to judge.

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Check for hair problems

Why is a dog’s beautiful hair a sign of health? Because generally healthy dogs usually have beautiful and supple hair, on the contrary, the hair of sick dogs is dull. A lot of it is because we didn’t pay attention to the dog’s diet during the breeding process. Long-term feeding of salty and greasy food or human food will make the dog’s hair rough and even lose a lot of hair. Obviously there is a problem with the dog’s hair. It may also cause problems with the pancreas and kidneys. It is also easy to cause endocrine disorders, and even increase the dog’s visceral load. Always pay attention to the dog’s diet.

Dog teeth problems

It is also particularly important to pay attention to dog dental problems, especially in some elderly dogs. Dental plaque, dental calculus, and gingivitis are common symptoms. Generally speaking, dogs over five years of age are prone to periodontal disease. In addition, dogs who eat meat for a long time are prone to dental calculus and bad breath if they are not cleaned regularly. Dogs usually chew on hard objects to clean their teeth. You can buy small teething toys for your dogs to prevent them from getting dental calculus, and you can also help your dogs brush their teeth regularly!

Dog nose problem

How to judge whether a dog is healthy? We usually observe that a healthy dog’s nose is wet, but if the dog’s nose is dry, then it must be sick. There are many reasons for a dog’s dry nose, such as fever and canine distemper. If you find that your dog’s nose is always dry, please take your dog to see a doctor in time.

How to judge whether a dog is healthy? Hurry up and learn!

Mental problems

A healthy dog, the most obvious is the dog’s mental state, will be more lively, like to follow you, like to play with you and so on. But if the dog sleeps on his stomach all day, he does not respond to barking. If he prefers to lie down on his own, it will attract our attention.

Dog stool problems

The poop status of a dog can reflect the health of the dog, and the senior shoveling officer has certain experience to make a judgment. The color of stool is yellow or brown, with a certain degree of coagulation and moistness. If there is no other peculiar smell, such stool is considered healthy and the dog’s body will be relatively healthy. But if your dog’s poop is very dark and smelly, you should pay attention. The quality of dog food is directly reflected in the dog’s poop. If the dog eats some relatively inferior commodity food, it will usually defecate. It is very dark, smelly, and very soft. If consumed for a long time, it will also pose a great threat to the dog’s health

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