How to make the dog live longer?

How to make the dog live longer?

There are many dog owners now. I believe that all pet owners have a common distress, that is, how to extend the life span of dogs. After all, the life span of dogs is too short, and the time that they can accompany us is not long, so in order to make it possible To stay with us longer, what should we do?

You probably don’t know how long the longest-lived dog in the world has lived? The answer is 29 years old. In fact, if you want your dog to live longer, it is important to keep your dog happy. The owner can interact and play with the dog more often, so that the dog’s life span will really be longer, because the dog’s mental health also affects its life span.

Dog Care - How to make the dog live longer?

A dog who is happy and happy every day will definitely live longer than a dog who is melancholy every day. Therefore, it is recommended that the owner, no matter how busy his work is, since he chooses to keep a dog, he must take responsibility for it. Communicate and interact with it, and a good mood is the first step to longevity.

If you want your dog to live a long life, you should also pay attention to taking it for regular inspections, especially for elderly dogs. Don’t think that this is an IQ tax. Regular inspections can effectively ensure their health and allow them to stay with you for a longer time. Leave no regrets.

In addition, pay attention to the education of dogs. A well-trained dog will live longer than an untrained dog. Some people may think this is nonsense.

But if you think about it, if the dog has not been trained, the probability of accident is very high. For example, a dog trained not to pick food at will and an untrained dog are taken out at the same time. If you don’t pay attention, there may be an accident.

Therefore, as a dog owner, you should also give your dog simple skill training when you have time, so that your dog will be loved by more people, and you can cooperate with some dog snacks during training, so the effect will be more significant.

Finally, pay attention to scientific breeding, and don’t give your dogs leftovers, especially food with a lot of salt. If your dog eats too much, it will increase the burden on the heart and kidneys and cause frequent problems.

The best food for dogs is dog food. After all, dog food is scientifically formulated and is the food that best meets the daily needs of dogs and is also the most suitable food for dogs. The amount of dog food fed is also very important. Generally, it is enough to feed at eighty points, which is easy to digest and not easy to show anorexia.

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