How to make your dog smarter and learn to track?

How to make your dog smarter and learn to track?

Let the dog learn to track you must be patient, first of all, you must be patient, let the dog know to look for objects, and then let it learn to look for objects at close range, and wait until these have learned to train blind search.

Every time you get off the plane, do you see that kind of drug detection dog sniffing everywhere, and then very powerfully finding the stolen goods, have you ever seen a police dog in the movie if a person is missing or looking for important evidence? Everyone says that a dog’s nose is the most sensitive, but his dog’s sense of smell is not as strong as in the phenomenon. Why is that? In fact, those dogs are trained through training. How can they be trained to be so sensitive? 

Train patience

To train a dog to track, first let the dog listen to his own words, but also allow the dog to adapt to the tracking belt and the tracking rope. If these two items are adapted, then you can train it. First, find a dog that you like Hide this item in a far place, and then make an instruction to let it find the item, but don’t put this item too far or let it not be found directly. Train the dog in no hurry, first Let the dog see that you put the item it likes where it can see it, and then order it to look for it, and then start step by step, place the item further away and let it look for it. At this time, you have to keep going Go talk to it and try to make it respond. Although the dog can’t speak, it can still understand it, because the dog’s IQ is to be like a five-year-old IQ kid when it finds an item. , You have to encourage it, or hug it and stroke its head, or give it something to eat to make the dog excited, so that your next training will be easier.

Dog Training - How to make your dog smarter and learn to track?

Training blind search

When the dog understands the training, then when training the dog to track, you can increase the difficulty of the training, which is to mix the items that the dog likes or are used to in a pile of unfamiliar items, and let these messy items be thrown farther away. Place, but you don’t want it to find it right away. You have to wait for a period of time, five or ten minutes, and then let the dog look for familiar items. If the dog can’t find it, you have to use words to encourage it. Or let the dog find the item with peace of mind by petting. When the dog finds the item, you also have to give it some rewards. If you can’t find it, don’t scold it. Practice a few times and the dog will find it.

Successful training

If your dog’s tracking is successful, you can now train your dog to start blindly searching, hide the items it likes, out of its sight, then it will rely on his sense of smell to find items, if If the dog can find it easily, you have to encourage the dog. At this time, you have to put the item further away, or extend the time to find the item. If the dog can’t find it, you have to guide the dog several times I believe that through such training, your dog will become a master of smell.

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