How to remedy the dog’s excessive exercise?

How to remedy the dog’s excessive exercise?

After the dog exercises excessively, the most important thing is to let the dog take a good rest and ensure the air circulation in the environment at the same time. Because the dog’s limbs and muscles will become congested after intense exercise, and the brain and heart will be insufficiently supplied with blood, so you should wait for the dog’s various indicators to stabilize, and then give the dog water, food and bath, otherwise it may cause sudden death of the dog.

Generally, dogs can relieve themselves after taking a break from strenuous exercise. Never give the dog a shower or let the dog drink and eat immediately, otherwise it will cause the dog to have gastrointestinal discomfort and indigestion. After excessive exercise, let the dog sleep , get enough rest, and supplement good nutrition to the dog. It is best not to feed the dog with very dry and hard food, and to feed the dog with water or digestible liquid food. The dog’s spirit is better recovered.

In addition, it is necessary to check whether the dog’s meat pads and joints are damaged, bandaging treatment should be carried out in time, and strenuous exercise should be avoided in the future, especially for long and short dog breeds and older dogs.

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