How to reward dogs?

How to reward dogs?

Regardless of whether it is a puppy or an adult dog, during dog training, everyone should keep in mind that as long as the dog makes the right action, it must be rewarded in time. Sometimes just verbal praise is useless, and it’s a real benefit to the dog. In general, there are three ways to reward dogs: petting, food and toys.

1. Food rewards:

Food rewards are the most commonly used reward method (and the most core) during dog training.

But this food can’t be big, or something that dogs don’t like to eat. The food should be made smaller, and the small food is easy to hold in the hand to tease the dog, the dog will be interested in eating it and behave well.

2. Caress rewards:

Although there is nothing delicious, there are no special toys. But as long as you can caress a dog, it will also give it a great sense of satisfaction. For example: When the dog is behaving well, squatting down, stroking its head, tickling its neck or scratching its ears, will let the dog know that it is behaving well this time, and continue to do so.

You know, a dog cares about its own status in the heart of its owner. The more you make it feel that you value it, the better it will perform. This is the same as a child.

3. Toy rewards:

Toys can also be used as a reward when the dog is doing well. You can give it a toy and let it play with it for a while, or you can play with it for a while, and the dog will be quite happy.

But the most important point of this reward method is: don’t mix toys that are used as rewards with toys that dogs usually play with.

Dogs love the new and dislike the old, so they usually put away the toys that are used as rewards and use them during training. Only then will they be fully attractive to the dog, and it will be able to perform well in order to get the reward.

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