How to solve the problem of rough hair of Labrador Retriever?

How to solve the problem of rough hair of Labrador Retriever?

Labrador Retriever is docile and friendly. It is one of the most popular dogs now. Although it is a short-haired dog, its hair will become rough if you don’t pay attention, and the rough-haired Labrador Retriever also looks good. It dropped, so what should I do?

Regular cleaning and living hygiene

If the owner does not clean Labrador Retriever’s kennel or cage regularly, then its living environment will be full of bacteria, causing the dog to infect parasites, and even lead to skin diseases, making the hair rough. Therefore, the owner must remember to clean the dog’s living environment on a regular basis, and the quilt and the like should be exposed to the sun after washing.

Bathe properly

In fact, many people don’t know how to raise Labrador Retriever. For example, in the area of bathing, not using a special lotion, etc., will lead to the occurrence of dog skin diseases and make the hair quality very poor. Therefore, the Labrador Retriever must be bathed in the right way. Do not bathe frequently or wash for too long. Use a pet-specific lotion and blow dry immediately after washing.

Dog Care - How to solve the problem of rough hair of Labrador Retriever?

Comb your hair frequently

Don’t think that the coat of Labrador Retriever is short, so you don’t need to comb the hair frequently, which will cause the hair quality of Labrador Retriever to become worse and worse. If you want Labrador Retriever’s hair to look good, you must comb your hair frequently. This can promote blood circulation, massage your dog’s skin, and increase the relationship between you.

Bask in the sun

Many Labrador Retriever are now raised indoors by humans and rarely go out, so its hair will lack nutrients and become extremely rough. Therefore, the owner should pay more attention to taking the dog out, soak in the sun, and usually feed some carrots, salmon, etc., to brighten the hair.

Eat a nutritious diet

Everyone knows that Labrador Retriever needs to take in enough nutrients every day. If a certain nutrient substance is lacking, then the first manifestation is that the hair will become rough.

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