How to stop the aggressive behavior of dogs?

How to stop the aggressive behavior of dogs?

The most serious problem that can occur with a dog is its aggressive behavior. Dogs may attack other animals, strangers and even their owners.

In order to deal with this behavior, you must ensure your dominance. Your dog should be trained to always obey your commands and consolidate your dominance through regular exercises. According to the different objects of attack, it can be divided into attacking the owner, attacking strangers (or visitors) and attacking other animals.

The cause of dog attack:

1. Attack the owner: Most dogs are willing to be trained as subordinates of other families and other members, and are willing to obey the orders of all members of the family. However, many dogs are taught to be true “leaders” by their ignorant owners. Once a dog believes that it is the leader of the entire dog group, it may attack to strengthen its control. A dog with a desire to dominate may attack its owner in order to possess favorite items. Food, bones, resting places , and toys can all cause a dog’s desire to possess and launch defensive attacks.

2. Attacking strangers and visitors: domestic dogs will bark when visitors enter their homes, and bravely protect the family and the owner, because the owner is considered a member of the family by the dog. If the visitor stands in front of the dog and slaps the dog’s head, the dog will think the visitor is a threat. If the dog has not experienced this kind of occasion when it is young, it will be particularly afraid of strangers.

3. Attacking other dogs: Dogs of the same sex often have aggressive behaviors for dominance. It is more likely to occur between male dogs than between female dogs, and it occurs more often in the dog’s own territory. Some dogs are simply due to social problems, and this type of problem is mainly caused by sex hormones. Dogs with a strong desire for dominance, and those that were unable to get along with other dogs at a young age, may bark, attack the dogs it encounters, and even fight .

Preventive measures for dog attack:

There are many forms of dog attack, and different treatment methods are required accordingly. Obedience training is the most important way to prevent this behavior. If a dog cannot be restrained by you, you should seek professional help from a veterinarian, an experienced dog handler , and a dog training club.

a) Attack the owner:

You should show your dominance through training. The dog must be informed that it has a lower status in the family.

1. Ignore it: In order to arouse your concern, the dog will inevitably do something for you. Leave it alone until it is no longer asking for anything, then order the dog to sit down and pet it. The dog will soon learn that you are ruling it.

2. Don’t let it be too comfortable: When a dog jumps on your furniture without your consent, you have to order it to leave. Tie it with a rope at home, because this will prevent someone from being bitten by it, and it will also give you greater control.

3. Spacious sleeping space: For aggressive dogs, they should always be tied with a rope. The place where it sleeps should be spacious and the air should circulate. A dog feels safer in a confined space.

4. The owner takes precedence over the dog to eat food: Wolves generally have this characteristic: When eating food, the head wolf always eats before other wolves. Therefore, you should prepare to feed the dog after you have eaten the food.

5. Walk behind the owner: Don’t let the dog go out in front of you. You are its leader, and you should be ahead of it.

6. Eliminate potential dangers: Wearing a muzzle to the dog can reduce the risk of being bitten by it and encourage it to respond to various commands.

7. Regular medical consultation: aggressiveness may be a serious problem for dogs. You’d better consult a veterinarian regularly, and their advice will make your training more effective.

b) Attacking strangers and visitors:

1. Gradually introduce your pet dog to strangers and reward him for his good performance.

2. Visitors should avoid direct eye contact with dogs.

3. When the dog is pulled by the leash, the visitor can sit down and give the dog some food or toys so that the visitor does not look so scary.

c) Attack other dogs:

1. In order to deal with this aggressive behavior, the dog should be ordered to sit down. The other move is because it believes that its owner does not like those strange dogs, and those dogs pose no threat to it. It should be praised when it gets along well with other dogs.

2. In most cases, the fight is often accompanied by aggressive posture and yelling. If it weren’t for one of the dogs to regress, a fight would be inevitable. During the fight, the dog may bite anyone who interferes.

3. In many cases, the obvious aggressive behavior of the dog is actually for defense, not for attack. The dog wants other dogs to leave instead of fighting with it. Dogs who have not learned to communicate normally and have previous history are prone to this behavior.

4. Divert the sight of the dog. If a dog has a tendency to attack other dogs, the owner should turn his head away so that he cannot make eye contact with other dogs.

5. Muzzle for pets: In order to avoid problems, you can wear muzzles for pets. Not only can a muzzle prevent your dog from biting, but it can also reduce the dog’s sense of dominance. Take a positive attitude towards muzzles, which shows that you are a responsible host.

6. Distract the dog’s attention: When aggressive behavior may occur, you should use a toy that the dog likes to attract its attention, and then order it to “sit down.” (Be good at your dog, remember to reward it).

7. Sterilization: Sterilizing dogs is a wise way to control unnecessary pregnancy and bad behaviors.

Supplemental corrective training:

Bring the dog to a place where there are vehicles, pedestrians, livestock, and poultry, relax the leash, and allow the dog to move freely, but closely monitor its movement. If the dog has the performance of biting people or animals, it should immediately use a threatening tone, accompanied by mechanical stimulation of violently pulling the leash. When dogs stop bad behaviors, they use the “good” password to reward them.

After repeated training, you can use the training rope to master it until the training rope is cancelled.

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