How to stop the dog from barking?

How to stop the dog from barking?

The barking of a dog can act as a deterrent to intruders, so many people keep dogs for this purpose. However, many aggressive dogs can cause trouble for normal visitors, such as checking water meters or visiting relatives and friends.

The key points of dog barking training are as follows:

1. Dog barking is a normal behavior, and the frequency of dog barking mainly depends on the level of training it has received. Certain breeds of dogs like to bark by nature, such as some small, active and alert dogs.

2. All puppies should be trained to know that they should not bark unnecessarily. Puppy should be given a prompt verbal warning when barking, and give it a “hey, be quiet” command. And give it praise in time after he calms down. The voice should be stern and loud when saying “Hey”, diverting the puppy’s attention from the barking. When giving the “quiet” command, the tone should be firm and clear. This way the puppies will quickly learn to stop barking after hearing the “quiet” command.

3. When the dog stands in front of the door and barks at a visiting stranger, it is doing its job and the owner should affirm it, but when you go to open the door, you should immediately order it to stop barking.

4. Dogs will keep digging, biting and even barking when they are bored. They try to tell their owners in this way that they just want to find some fun to pass the time.

5. Dogs like to participate in all family activities. When they are left out, they often bark to vent their dissatisfaction. Such dogs should be taught to keep quiet and understand that they can also enjoy happiness without participating in family activities, and should not be regarded as punishment for them. When the dog is left out for not being able to participate in activities, you can give it some favorite food. In this way, the dog will associate the neglect with the food that makes it happy.

6. Relevant training: Usually, when the dog should bark at an untimely time, the owner of the dog should issue a password such as “stop” or “don’t bark”. If the dog can obey the password and close his mouth , the owner should immediately praise it and let it sit next to it, stroking his head and back as a reward. If the dog does not listen to the command and continues to bark, it can be punished by tapping the tip of the dog’s nose with appropriate strength. Generally, after many trainings, the dog can grasp the owner’s emotions and commands, and will not bark casually.

7. Some punitive measures can be adopted for dogs who have not changed after repeated instruction. Such as: electronic collar, hung on the dog’s neck, when the dog barks, the owner only needs to press the remote control, the electronic collar will send out a stimulating current, make the dog feel uncomfortable and stop barking, after a few times can form a conditioned reflex.

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