How to take care of golden retriever dogs during moulting?

How to take care of golden retriever dogs during moulting?

The molting time of the golden retriever generally occurs in the spring and autumn, and the physiological molting of the golden retriever is caused by the obvious changes in climate. However, the hair removal time of Golden Retriever is affected by many factors. Except in the spring and autumn season, golden hair will be found to have hair loss, and there will be symptoms of hair loss at other times.

Generally speaking, golden retrievers will shed their hair around 4 months of age. Of course, depending on the golden retriever’s physical fitness and environmental impact, there are also earlier or later moults. At about 6 months of age, the golden retriever’s lanugo hair will all fade away and new hair will begin to grow, which will be basically completed at about 1 year old.

Affected by seasonal changes, in spring, golden retrievers will shed their thick and dense winter hair and replace them with sparse summer hair to adapt to the hot summer climate. In the blink of an eye, when autumn enters winter, the weather is cold day by day, and the golden retriever’s summer hair is not enough to withstand the cold in winter, so the golden retriever will gradually shed its hair and grow thick and warm winter hair to help withstand the cold in winter.

In addition, if the golden retriever’s diet is unscientific, the body lacks nutrition, or suffers from skin diseases, uses inappropriate hair care products, the hair texture becomes dry and rough and becomes unhealthy, or is affected by the environment, etc., will lead to golden retriever Dogs also have a small amount of hair loss and molting in the usual season.

So what should the golden retriever pay attention to during the moulting period?

Simply put, the golden retriever should pay more attention to maintenance during the moulting period. Treat the hair for it 1-2 times a day, remove the dead hair that has fallen off, and keep the dog’s body clean. In addition, helping dogs groom their hair can evenly disperse the oil secreted by the skin on the surface of the hair, remove skin debris, promote blood circulation, and promote the growth of new hair.

At the same time, during the molting period, the owner should pay attention to preparing suitable meals for the dog, and prepare foods rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. In your free time, you can take the dog to sunbathe to promote the growth of new hair, so that the golden retriever can grow a beautiful and soft new hair by changing the hair.

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