How to train a dachshund?

How to train a dachshund?

How does Dachshund train? Dachshund is also known as a pig badger dog. It was trained as a hunting dog for hunting beasts in the narrow cave. Dachshund is unyielding at work, brave and full of endurance; in his free time, he is very friendly and lovely. Is a very happy dog. How can I make my dog better and more obedient?

When training pets, no matter what kind of animal is trained, rewards and punishments must be distinguished. It must be rewarded when it is doing the right thing, and punished when it is not doing it well. A principled owner can definitely raise a principled pet.

Social training

As a family companion dog, let the dog learn how to get along with the dog and people correctly. Avoid timid or aggressive behavior due to lack of correct social skills. Before your dog is 4 months old, let it play and interact with friendly and docile dogs and humans as early as possible.

Self-control training

Let the dog learn to self-discipline. Improve obedience, let Dachshund do orders and prohibitions, and be more obedient. Let the dog learn to wait and forbid¬† since it was a child. Understand what can be done, what can’t be done.

Dog Training - How to train a dachshund?

Solitude training

Let the dog learn how to spend alone time correctly, and stop tearing down the house and barking to disturb the people because of the lack of exercise.

Provide a solitary space (cage or air box) for the dog, suitable molar bones and toys for aloneness. Let them stay in their own space when you are out, and give them the toys or molar bones you have prepared. Help them kill the boring time of being alone and the energy that has nowhere to vent.

Key subject selection

Dachshund aggressive behavior, timidity, barking and disturbing the people, tearing the home, and other behaviors are caused by insufficient socialization, the nature of the hound, or the lack of daily exercise required. Therefore, in view of the characteristics of Dachshund, as a family companion dog recommended training key subjects: childhood socialization training, waiting, prohibition, cage, and other obedience subjects.

Start training at the age of 3-4 months. As a family companion dog, this is the best time for a dog to recognize the world and learn. In order to have a better dog-raising life for more than ten years in the future, it is recommended to choose a professional dog training school for systematic learning. Professional institutions can better provide different professional training subjects and schedules according to the owner’s home environment, work and rest time, different breeds of dogs and dogs of different ages.

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