How to train a disobedient pet dog?

How to train a disobedient pet dog?

In the current society, people’s work pace is very fast, so it is inevitable that a person will be lonely, and that part of the people will choose to raise a pet dog, so that they can relieve their boredom and add more to their lives.But everyone must have such a distress when they just bought the dogs. These dogs are very disobedient. So how should we solve this problem?

Reward and Punishment Measures Training Act.

Although a dog is an animal, he is also very spiritual. If everyone can feel it, use the dog defecation as an example. Everyone should guide them to defecate in a fixed place. If it does it well, then It can be rewarded for something to eat, but if it fails to follow this rule, you can punish them. You can choose the way of punishment, but you must not be too rude, because the Vigilance of dogs is relatively strong. If you wants to treat it in a rougher way, then it will be more rebellious and will be more difficult to manage in the future. You need to say a few words to it and punish him, then the dog will actually understand that next time Will pay attention to these issues. I personally think that the effect of incentive measures is better, but everyone can try it, after all, they are all training methods.

Dog Training - How to train a disobedient pet dog?

Interest training method.

What is the interest training method? In fact, this method is relatively simple. You can use some things your dog likes more, or toys to attract it, so that you can slowly lead him to do something. If it do well, it will be rewarded. That way not only allows them to get a good training, but also enhances the relationship between the owner and the dog. After all, a dog is a very spiritual and loyal animal. If the owner is right If it is good, it will desperately protect its owner, this is the dog’s loyalty.

Mandatory training method.

This method is actually not recommended for everyone, but if you encounter some more stubborn dogs, and there is no way to correct them after using various methods, you can use this compulsory method to execute.If you train for a while, it  still urinates anywhere, then at this time, the owner can use compulsory methods to pull it to the potty, or scold it, only under such super stimulus, can it make it aware of itself The error will have a certain effect.

Dog training is relatively simple, so you don’t have to be too anxious, you must be patient, after all, a dog is an animal, and everyone should treat it with a normal heart.

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