How to train a dog to be well-behaved and obedient.

How to train a dog to be well-behaved and obedient.

Nowadays, many friends only know how to raise dogs, but they don’t know how to train them.In fact, raising a dog is just like taking care of a baby. It is necessary to teach it from an early age and do a good job of dog training. Dogs are very human. It is not difficult to teach and train. It is just that we need more patience.

Poop training

Dogs usually want to urinate after eating, or when they just wake up. In order for the dog to develop a good habit, first we have to prepare a larger flat base for the dog, spread a few old newspapers stained with the dog’s own urine on the plate, and then we put the plate on In the corner of the toilet or balcony. Dogs generally smell their own feces and urinate in the dish.

If the dog is not on the plate, but urinates in any place in the house, the owner should press the dog’s nose to the defecation area immediately after seeing it, and tell it: “You can’t urinate here in the future.” Finally Brush the place where it defecates with washing powder and water to remove the smell. Otherwise, the dog will urinate and poop  here if it smells of feces.

Of course, the dog will not be able to urinate and poop  on the plate very well at the beginning, but the patience of the owners is still needed. The dog will slowly learn in about 2 weeks.

Dog Training - How to train a dog to be well-behaved and obedient.

Sit down, shake hands, roll various movements training

The best time to train your dog to sit down for these most basic movements is before each meal. Because only when the dog is hungry, it will obediently obedient. When teaching each action, the owner must be patient. Dogs usually learn it several times and remember them, and they will never forget them in their lifetime. Whenever it learns, don’t forget to reward it and give it some snacks.

Prevent dogs from biting things

When a dog grows teeth when he is a child, his teeth will itch and want to grind, so it is best to buy a molar toy for the dog. Avoid it from biting the furniture or other things in the home. In order not to let the dog bite things, it is best to put all the valuable things out of its reach. Once the owner finds that the dog wants to bite something, they should immediately walk in front of it, let it sit down, and then tell it: No! When the dog is well-behaved and obedient, the owner can praise it by petting or feeding some dog biscuits.

Dog Training - How to train a dog to be well-behaved and obedient.

Don’t eat food indiscriminately

Dogs who are not sensible will pick up things on the street to eat or eat food given by strangers. This habit is very bad. This is because it is easy to get intestinal disease, not to mention, it is easy to develop a bad habit of picky eaters.

To train a dog to reject other people’s food, first let it sit down quietly to show its obedient heart. Then put the food in front of the dog, block the food with his hand, and order it to “wait to eat”. If the dog is not obedient, he will come over and eat immediately and tap his little nose with his hand as a warning. Wait for the dog to sit down obediently, and then order it to “eat it”. After several rounds of training like this, the dog will learn it.

Training to stop dog barking

Dogs don’t have too many ways of expression, and generally can only use barking to tell their owners. But some dogs will bark constantly, whether they are excited, fearful, or painful, and even keep barking to attract the owner’s attention.

Every time a dog barks, the owners must look at what caused it. Dogs generally do not bark. Different barking sounds represent different psychological needs of dogs. If the dog is really okay and barking, then he should be educated. The host can say in a stern tone: “Quiet, no barking.” If three or four times have no effect, just hold up the dog. Chin and tell it with a shush gesture. Once the dog stops barking, the owner can give him some rewards.

Training for going out for a walk

The owners love to take their dogs out for a walk, and of course the dogs also love to go out and play, and feel that they can have fun as soon as they go out. From an early age, you have to give your dog the habit of wearing a collar when going out, otherwise it will be very unsafe. Two fingers can be inserted between the collar and the neck. It is best to take the dog for a walk with it on the left hand of the owner. Some dogs are very excited as soon as they go out. Whenever the dog is not obediently pulling and running, the owner must tighten the traction rope and stop walking so that it can’t run. The dog will get used to it after going back and forth a few times, and will not run around after going out.

In fact, the most important thing for dog training is the patience of the owner, because each dog has its own personality, and only the owner of the dog knows it best. As long as we pay more time and patience, naturally dogs will learn more. Keeping a dog is the same as a child, so we must cherish it.

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