How to train a dog to jump?

How to train a dog to jump?

How to train a dog to jump? For a dog, the “jumping” training action is more intense. Before training, you should first recognize the breed of dog you keep and whether it is capable of jumping behavior!

For some dogs who are good at jumping, the training of “jumping” is not difficult. Although some are big, they are not good at jumping. For example, Saint Bernard is not suitable for this kind of training. Think of it as a kind of training, or it can be painful, if you think of it as a game, it will be much easier.

[Training steps]

1. Find a low and short one as an obstacle, when the dog and human should cross together, and issue the “jump” command. Since the hindrance is very low, it will easily pass.

2. Order the dog to stand on the side of the obstacle, and you will walk to the other side of the obstacle and issue the command “come” and “come”. Wait until the dog wants to jump off the obstacle and issue the “jump” command.

3. After learning this command, slowly increase the height of the obstacle, practice a few times a day, and immediately praise it for accomplishing it.

4. When the obstacle is increased to a certain level, the dog may not obey the call to cross the obstacle, and run over from the side of the obstacle. At this time, you should be criticized and said “no”, and take it to the original place and try again.

5. Use food or toys as bait to train jumping on the spot.

6. You can also change the high jump training to long jump. A ditch, a plank, etc. are all excellent materials. Teach students in accordance with their aptitude, you can’t expect a miniature breed of dog to surpass a wolf dog to jump six feet in height, that is very unreasonable.

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