How to train a dog to sleep in his kennel?

How to train a dog to sleep in his kennel?

How to train a dog to sleep in his kennel? Many pet owners have an indifferent attitude towards the matter of a dog going to bed and sleeping together, but some people will feel that the dog goes out for a walk, and the body is covered with bacteria, and then it is dirty to sleep on the bed. If you don’t sleep on the bed, it’s too cold in winter, you have to teach your dog to sleep in your own kennel, so how do you train it?

Observe the way the dog sleeps and establish the dog’s sleeping area

If it likes to stretch while sleeping, buy a comfortable rectangular mattress.

If it likes to curl up into a ball, a closed round or oval bed will suit it best.

Older or arthritic dogs may find memory foam mattresses more comfortable.

How to choose a dog bed

How to train a dog to sleep in his kennel? When buying a dog bed, be sure to choose a good-quality. When choosing a dog bed, you should consider your dog’s sleeping style, age and budget.

Orthopedic dog bed: Orthopedic dog bed is a long mattress, which is great for older dogs and can provide extra cushioning. They are also very spacious, so if your dog likes to stretch out while sleeping, this may be a good choice.

Dog Training - How to train a dog to sleep in his kennel?

Donut dog bed: This type of dog bed is a cushion with a raised side, making it look like a donut. It is more suitable for dogs who like to curl up while sleeping.

Pillow or upholstered dog bed: Generally made of a large pillow or cushion, suitable for sleeping dogs who like to stretch.

Heated dog bed: If you have an old or young dog, or the indoor temperature is low, then a heated dog bed is a good choice, it can keep your dog warm.

Put the bed in a comfortable position

How to train a dog to sleep in his kennel? Although you need to encourage your dog to leave your bed and sleep in its own bed, you should also make sure that its sleeping area is in a familiar and comfortable place. The bed should be placed at room temperature and away from drafts or open doors. Look for dark or shaded areas of a room.

Dog Training - How to train a dog to sleep in his kennel?

Put his favorite toy by the bed

This will make the bed more attractive to it. You can also put a toy with your scent on its bed to encourage it to lie on the bed.

If it is a newborn puppy

It is very necessary to establish its sleeping area immediately, so that it does not try to lie in your bed. Enclose the kennel or crates with newspapers to prevent nighttime accidents.

Train your dog to stay in its bed

Play with your dog before going to bed, it will exhaust its energy and will have no energy to play with you when it is time to go to bed.

Tie the dog to the rope and bring it to its bed. You can also give a reward to encourage it to go to the dog bed. This will train it to associate the reward with the dog bed. Don’t forcefully pick up your dog and put it on the dog bed, it will give it a negative experience.

The process of dog training is bound to be more difficult, but you need to have patience and perseverance in training and education.

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