How to train a Rottweiler?

How to train a Rottweiler?

How does Rottweiler train? The training that Rottweiler needs to do is mainly protect the owner training and look after family training. Because Rottweiler is a fierce dog, it has a strong ability to bite and has a high IQ, so the training is still very simple.

When guarding the protect the owner training, the master should first tie the Rottweiler to a position, and then stand two meters away from the Rottweiler. Then you can ask the trainer to simulate a scene where the owner is injured. If Rottweiler has an obvious reaction to attack the trainer, then the trainer must pretend to be particularly scared and run away. This can enhance Rottweiler’s self-confidence. At this time, the owner should also go to Rottweiler immediately to encourage it. When the training reaches a certain level, you can just release your Rottweiler and let it chase the assistant trainer.But you must first protect the trainer.

Dog Training - How to train a Rottweiler?

If Rottweiler does not make any response, then immediately stop attacking the owner and instead attack Rottweiler in the past. If Rottweiler is deliberately provoked, he will show a strong desire to bark or bite. At this time, the trainer pretended to be afraid of running away, and the master stepped forward to encourage Rottweiler. After repeated training many times, Rottweiler’s brain will slowly form a concept: if someone beats his owner without any indication, then the consequences will be serious.

The next step is look after family training. Let the dogs lie at the door  and give them the “door guard” command! No matter who wants to enter the door, the owner must ask him to enter before letting in. At the beginning of the training, you can ask the trainer to pretend to be a guest, and enter the door directly without waiting for the owner’s request. At this time, you can order the dog to bark at him. When there is no one in the house, let the dog guard it, and no one is allowed to enter the house privately. During training, the trainer is allowed to enter the owner’s room privately, and the owner hides in a place. If the dog does not do anything, it will be punished and said to it: “Be careful”! After repeated training, the dog will understand that when there is no one at home, he will step forward to stop it when encountering such a situation.

Rottweiler’s special loyalty, combined with their wisdom, Rottweiler’s trainability is relatively high. Invest a little time every day to train your Rottweiler puppies to help him adapt to the family and make him a good dog member.

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