How to train a two-month puppy?

How to train a two-month puppy?

Many people give the dog some tasks when raising a dog. After a certain instructions is given, the puppy can complete the corresponding action. Of course, if you want to achieve this effect, you need to train the dog. What is the training method for a two-month puppy? In fact, it is very simple, first let it agree with you, and then let it understand through simple commands.

For a dog owner, the most annoying part is that the dog is not obedient, whether it is a problem of urine and urination, or a simple command problem. If the dog is not trained when the dog is young, the dog will want it again when he grows up. Good training requires a lot of time and energy. When is the best dog training? Actually the best choice for about two months. Today, I will introduce to you the puppy training method for the next consecutive months.

Dog Training - How to train a two-month puppy?

Cultivation of Sense of identity

Don’t rush to train your dog when you first bring it home. Whether it’s teaching him to urinate or simple commands, this is actually unreliable at this time. After bringing the puppy home, the first thing to do is to do Just give it a name, and then let it identify with the name. In this process, it is actually to establish a familiar relationship between oneself and the puppy, and let it know who its owner is.

Control training time

After the puppy is familiar with his own name, he can start training, starting with urine and urination, and then simple commands. With regard to the problem of urination, the puppy that has just taken home will urinate everywhere, don’t be aggressive at this time, as long as it is cleaned up in time. If it urinates in a prescribed place, praise it.

The control of training time is actually very important. If the single training time is too long, it will reduce the dog’s attention and the learning efficiency will decrease. Therefore, it is recommended that the training time be not too long each time during training, and then one day You can train multiple times. For example, if the designated training time is 20 minutes a day, you can complete the training task twice, so that the dog can maintain a proper sense of freshness and easier to learn the content of the teaching.

Simple commands and gestures

One thing to pay attention to when training a dog is that the commands or gestures should be simple. Do not use multiple gestures or multiple languages to control the same command. This will easily confuse the dog with various commands. For example, if you want a dog to sit down, if you say a English instruction at the beginning, don’t change it to an other instruction during the training process. Only by keeping the instruction consistent can the puppy understand it more easily.

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