How to train Border Collie to swim?

How to train Border Collie to swim?

How does Border Collie train to swim? Summer is here, do you also take Border Collie to go to the water? Then teach Border Collie to swim first! The following editor will share the Border Collie swimming training tutorial for everyone.

Border Collie swimming training tutorial:

I believe that when you think of summer, do you think of playing in the water? I believe it must be a very pleasant thing to play with the cute Border Collie on a hot day. After all, it is a dog’s nature to love to play. Let it enjoy freedom in a short life and let it live happily and live up to this life. Many people seem to think that dogs are born to swim, and they invented the so-called dog planer, but this is not the case. So do you know how to teach Border Collie to swim?

1. Before taking Border Collie out, the owner can prepare a bottle of purified water and snacks for dogs. In addition, Border Collie should be given anti-worming drugs inside and outside the body in advance, as well as a relatively large towel and some drugs to clean up the trauma.

2. When choosing a swimming place for your dog, you must choose a place with clear water, no impurities in it, and shallow water.

3. Before sending the Border Collie into the water, you must wear a tow rope to prevent the Border Collie from swimming into deeper waters after entering the water, so as to avoid some accidents. The owner can slowly pour the water onto Border Collie to let it adapt to the feeling of water, and then the owner can use snack toys to slowly lure it forward, encouraging it from time to time, and wait for it to fully adapt. In shallow water, guide it to deeper waters.

4. Border Collie is so smart, and also very naughty and playful on the skin, plus if it is a puppies, it may learn faster. But if your Border Collie is very afraid of water, you may need more patience from the owner.

5. In addition, when the owner is training Border Collie to swim, he still has to see if Border Collie’s posture is correct. If it is not correct, it may be really difficult to swim. The owner can try to gently lift Border Collie’s forelimbs and let it swing its hind legs regularly. When it is completely used to it, let it go and let it try to swim in the water. I believe Border Collie’s IQ will be very fast. Learn to swim.

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