How to train British Shorthair.

How to train British Shorthair.

British Shorthair has a simple and cute appearance, docile personality and is loved by everyone, but not all British Shorthairs are so docile and obedient, so for some naughty British Shorthairs, a lot of training is necessary, so how to train British Shorthair?

Remember the name training method

When it is in a state of excitement, it is often called by its name so that it can easily remember its name. For example, it is a good time to touch it, play or before feeding. Special attention should be paid to that, do not impose punishment when it hears the name running, otherwise, it will associate the punishment with calling the name, and fear in front of you.

Motor behavior training

Cats also have some behaviors. For example, when you call it and want to hug it, you have to give instructions to the cat. At this time, you have to repeat these actions frequently, and when the cat does the right thing. At that time, you have to reward it, and if you do something wrong, you have to punish it. The general situation is the reward of food, language, touching and other behaviors.

Language Behavior Training Method

Including verbal compliments, touching the head or back, and giving food snacks can strengthen the cat’s correct movements. At the beginning, every time the cat completes a simple action, he can be rewarded. As the training moves are upgraded, the threshold of the reward conditions should also be improved. When he completes some complex actions, he will be given a moderate reward, so as to give full play to the reward.

Train British Shorthair to sit down

Train the British Shorthair to shake hands with you, you can adopt the method of food temptation and reward. Before training, prepare some foods that British Shorthair likes to eat, such as: fish fillets, beef jerky and so on. The owner smeared some minced meat on his right hand to make the finger smell of minced meat. Then he tempted British Shorthair to come over, and then the owner stretched out his right hand to the cat to let him smell the scent of the food, and at the same time gently gave the cat the instruction to “handshake”. Waiting for the cat to smell the scent of minced meat, he will naturally stretch his head. Then the owner raised his head with his hands smeared with the scent of minced meat. Of course , the cat would stand up and stretch out his front paws in order to eat the minced meat. At this time, the owner can stretch out his hand to grab the cat’s paw, and then shake the hand of the cat while saying “handshake” again and again, and at the same time pass the delici ous food to British Shorthair to eat.

Training the British Shorthair to master the handshake requires continuous and persistent training by the owner until the British Shorthair has fully mastered the “handshake” method and formed a conditioned reflex, the owner can stop training the cat.

Misconduct Penalty Act

For the punishment of British Shorthair, each animal has its own nature and special habits. Cats are no exception. They may always urinate next to your favorite potted plant or leave scratches on furniture. You can’t change it. By nature, it can transfer its target, such as giving it a claw-grinding pole.

When raising British Shorthair, we will find that it also has its own special natural instincts. For example: pee next to favorite potted plants, leave scratches on furniture, etc. When training the British Shorthair to get rid of these bad habits, the owner should also master the appropriate punishment training method, let the cat understand that some of its behavior is wrong, make you upset and angry. Then in daily life, slowly teach the cat to change these bad habits, and train it to master some basic and good behaviors.

Train British Shorthair not to bite

When the British Shorthair subconsciously hugs your fingers while playing and bites, you can shout loudly or make an angry sound, and at the same time pat him on the head immediately (the intensity should be mastered, not too heavy), Otherwise he will hate you; also can’t be too light, otherwise he will think you are playing with him), and then stretch his finger to him; he will usually bite you again out of revenge, then you are again He patted his head, then stretched his finger to him.

Repeat this four or five times until he doesn’t bite your hand hard, but just gently put your finger in his mouth. The next time you encounter him biting someone, you will still use this method, and you will generally receive good results within a month.

The training of British Shorthair cannot be seen in a short period of time. This is true for any cat. For training, the owner must have enough patience. Do not punish the British Shorthair for non-cooperation, which is not conducive to training.

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