How to train dogs to buy things!

How to train dogs to buy things!

This is a more complicated training. This training is based on the fact that the dog has learned a series of actions such as sitting and holding things. And when the dog can’t completely complete this training alone, it needs the owner’s assistance to lead him to complete it many times.

We often hope that dogs can do something for us, such as helping us buy things. Want to train dogs to help us buy things. First, we must train them to complete some relatively simple movements.

Train your dog to hold a bag with a certain weight.

The first step is to train them to sit down. This action is very simple, so I won’t introduce it to you in detail here. Next, I will give you a detailed introduction to the action of picking up something.

First of all, we have to let the dog get used to the existence of something in his mouth. In addition to adapting it to the size of the object, there is also the need to adapt it to the weight of the object. Of course, this weight is within the range that the dog’s mouth can bear. Parents can take a plastic bag to hold items of a certain weight, and let the dog slowly adapt to this weight. In this process, it must be ensured that the bag held by the dog will not fall.

Let the dog distinguish some simple objects.

After the dog slowly adapts to the bag, we can try to let the dog distinguish the objects. Let the dog slowly learn some basic things that often need to be purchased. Of course, knowing the store and route to the place to buy is a must and the most important point.

Dog Training - How to train dogs to buy things!

Let the dog know some shops far away from home that you should be familiar with

For shops, we can choose some acquaintances who are close to home, or shops that we often buy. Calling you the store will guarantee that we will not buy the wrong product, and then will not deceive us or do some harm to the dog. Because we often take our dogs to these shops to buy things, the owner of the store will know our dogs, and we should also regularly bring our dogs to familiarize ourselves with them during training. The best thing is to let the owner of the store and the dog have some good contact and understanding. The advantage of this is to help the dog to purchase goods smoothly.

Let the dog know multiple routes from the shop to the home.

This is the most critical point. The important thing is said three times. Because we want to ensure that the dog can return to our home smoothly after buying things. We must make the dog familiar with all the surrounding environment as much as possible. Ensure that the dog will not get lost  in this area. This matter does not need to be particularly deliberate. When we take the dog out for a walk, we can choose a different route to proceed. This way, after the training is over, we will probably be familiar with it.

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