How to train kittens to drink water?

How to train kittens to drink water?

Change the water frequently

Cats like to drink clean water and are very sensitive to peculiar smells. If the owner can change the water very diligently and wash the basin clean every time, this will make the cat more willing to drink water!

Use the cat’s favorite container

Some cats like to drink water from human mugs, so the owner bought a mug for cats. Some cats often like to drink water in the basin, so the owner bought a small basin as their special water. The basin is just a small gesture of changing a container, which really makes cats drink more water!

Place it in a place where cats often pass by

Don’t just put a water basin in one place at home! Cats are very forgetful and willful animals, and they can’t tell what they are dedicated to. When they’re thirsty, they may not run to its basin, but take a sip of water from their owner’s cup and the bathroom floor. So you must put a basin of water next to the dry feed, and put as many basins of water as possible where the cat likes to stay and rest.

Set up flowing water and drinking fountains

Based on the fact that wild animals drink the flowing water in the river, many cats also like to drink clean and flowing water, so there are many products on the market designed to meet this demand. There are many fish tank motor drinkers that cat owners will DIY.

Give the cat warm water

When you have time, you pour a glass of warm water for the cat to drink in winter. If it doesn’t drink, put a little water under his nose with his finger or let him lick, and then the cat will start because he finds it is warm water. Drink it up. (Note: Because cat tongues are hot, the warm water mentioned here refers to water that is close to the cat’s body temperature, not hot water) In summer, pour a glass of slightly colder ( not too cold) water for the cat to drink.

Add water to the can and soak the biscuits soft

Add water to the can. Unless the cat doesn’t like canned food, the cat will drink up the water mixed in the can, and the cat can drink at least 10cc of water at a time. Soak the biscuits soft with water, and the kitten will like to eat soft food.

Give cats more hydrated food

Although canned cat food is not good for cat’s teeth, it will not cause great harm (canned cat food only has less teeth grinding effect than cat biscuits and cannot effectively prevent dental calculus, but it is not the main cause of dental calculus), so it is recommended that it should be Occasionally eating some soft, wet food can not only add water, but also satisfy the cat’s desire to eat meat. If you cook chicken breasts or small fish for cats, it is also very good, these meats contain a lot of water (but pay attention to nutritional balance, dry feed is relatively complete in nutrition, and it should still be provided as a staple food).

Arouse cat curiosity

Put a little bit of water in a strange container, and cats will be curious to smell the container with their noses. When they find water, they can’t help but lick a few mouthfuls. You can also put a dripping faucet in front of the cat, and they will also drink water curiously.

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