How to train Pomeranian not to eat randomly?

How to train Pomeranian not to eat randomly?

Many parents find that the Pomeranian in the family seems to like to eat indiscriminately, and can’t control it. Sometimes, take the dog out for a walk, and the dog can pick up and eat on the road.

Some dogs even pick up the garbage thrown out to eat, causing the dog to be poisoned and die. Such cases abound. So how can we rectify the problem of the dog eating indiscriminately?

If Pomeranian eats indiscriminately, the owner should train the Pomeranian to refuse feeding. It is best to carry out relevant training from the period of the Pomeranian puppies. This will be more effective. Put the food in front of the Pomeranian, and then the owner repeatedly told the Pomeranian not to let it eat food. If the Pomeranian does not follow the owner’s will, he can be punished. Then the Pomeranian will be more afraid and know that he can’t eat casually. If the dog does it according to the owner’s instructions, then the owner Pomeranian can be rewarded to eat some snacks she likes to eat, so that after a long time Pomeranian will obey the owner’s command of refusal to eat, and thus will get rid of this bad problem of eating indiscriminately.

Dog Training - How to train Pomeranian not to eat randomly?

If an adult Pomeranian wants to carry out this kind of anti-feeding training, it may be more troublesome. Of course, sometimes the owner may not have time to carry out such training. In this case, if the Pomeranian eats randomly, the owner can directly give it to the dog. Go buy a special mask and wear it directly on Pomeranian’s mouth, so you don’t have to worry about Pomeranian picking up food when going out. This method can be said to be very effective and can solve the problem fundamentally.

Finally, no matter what measures parents take to Pomeranian to stop Pomeranian from eating randomly, they need to be scolded when picking up something to eat, or other ways to let the dog know that it is wrong to pick up something to eat. So that the dog can develop a good habit.

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