How to train Poodle to walk upright?

How to train Poodle to walk upright?

How to train Poodle to walk is actually not difficult. You only need to establish a sense of trust with the dog, make them obedient, and then let the dog learn to maintain balance. In this process, it is necessary You can use the method of seduction to help them train.

Everyone loves dogs in their lives, especially girls, who raise a dog, who makes their life more colorful, then most people like Poodle more, and I will show you that you may meet in peacetime. Many Poodles can walk upright, so how can I make my dog do this? Next, let’s talk about how to train?

Establish trust

First of all, if you want to train your dog, you must first establish a sense of trust with them. Then the process of establishing a sense of trust is to let the dog realize that you loves it, and you can give them food rewards or accompany them. Play games, build trust, and then the next step is to better manage the dog. Then at this time, everyone can bring a collar to the dog, and then cooperate with the dog by hand, keep its front foot off the ground, and let the dog Support your hind feet and keep his body upright. Repeat this several times, and you will have a previous training, and the dog will not resist too much.

Dog Training - How to train Poodle to walk upright?

Unified gesture

At the very beginning, it is more difficult for it to learn to stand upright, because he may maintain this action for only about ten seconds. Although it is very short, don’t be discouraged. You can maintain it by training a few times. It takes a little longer. During the training process, everyone must unify the gesture or the password. When the dog hears the gesture or the password, it can perform this action. This is more useful and the most effective. Give the dog a clear point, and this gesture must not be changed at will.

Keep Patience

Because Poodle is four animals after all, it’s on all fours. Everyone wants to make him stand upright, like a human. It’s against common sense to walk, so it’s very difficult to train, even if it’s Everyone rewards dogs and requires repeated practice. If you want a dog to learn a skill, as a master, you must have enough patience. Day  and Day training, the dog can really learn this skill.

The above is an introduction to how to train a dog to walk upright, but here I want to remind parents that the development of a dog’s bones is relatively fragile, so if you want to train a dog to walk upright, The age of the dog must have more than three months, and it can only receive such training after its bones are basically developed and healthy. If the dog is too small, it will easily cause bone deformation, then this is not good.

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