How to train Samoyed to shake hands?

How to train Samoyed to shake hands?

The main method of training Samoyed to shake hands is reward. Then, to familiarize him with some actions and instructions, it is enough to repeat the training continuously. The whole process is relatively simple.

Nowadays, many people prefer to keep dogs. Samoyed is another kind of gentler looking and cute dog. Maybe girls will want to raise one, but You may see other dogs in your life, and it will shake hands with the owner. It is inevitable that you will have some envy when you see this. In fact, we can also train our dogs to be able to shake hands. Then let’s talk about it. How to train Samoyed to shake hands?

Clear gestures

First of all, if you want to train to shake hands with it, you must clarify some gestures and instructions, and these gestures and instructions are fixed and cannot be changed at will. At this time, you can let the dog sit face to face with yourself, and then touch the Samoyed’s right paw with your right hand, then it will stretch out its paw, then you can hold him at this time, and then speak The instruction to shake hands, and then put down the action is complete. This process is not as simple as said, so  you must control the dog’s emotional instructions and gestures, and it must be repeated many times, just fine. Give them rewards, and if they don’t do well, you can also criticize and educate them.

Dog Training - How to train Samoyed to shake hands?

Toys and food inducement

During training, you can also take some toys that the dog likes to play with, or the food in your hand, so that the dog can see or smell things, but don’t give it to him. Only after assisting the dog to complete the handshake can these things be given to him, so that if you repeat it many times, the dog will understand that as long as you do this action, you will be rewarded, and then this habit is basically formed.

The duration of training should be appropriate.

When training Samoyed to shake hands, the time should not be too long, because the patience of the dog is limited, generally it should be kept at about 20 minutes, so that it can learn more efficiently, because the dog will think it is at the beginning The owner is willing to cooperate with him when he is playing games, but after a long time, this effect may not be effective, so don’t force to continue training, let him play for a while and then training will be better.

The above are some introductions to Samoyed training methods. In addition to these patience is very necessary, long-term exercise, constant repetition, although dogs will be impatient, but as a master, you must not give up and want him To learn this action, you must repeat it day after day.

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