How to train the basic movements of Chihuahua?

How to train the basic movements of Chihuahua?

For Chihuahua to live with his family better, basic movement training is very necessary. Chihuahua training should start at an early age, and can start training after the dog is successfully weaned. Note that the training of pet dogs also requires scientific methods and strategies.

To make Chihuahua better able to receive the training to complete the entire basic movement, the key is to help it lay a good foundation. The basic content of training can start with obedience basic movement training such as accompanying and sitting, and then gradually increasing the difficulty of training.

Training Dog - How to train the basic movements of Chihuahua?

At the beginning of the training, it is mainly to guide Chihuahua to quickly understand the specific meaning of the command issued by the master, so that it can truly understand the meaning of the password. In this training process, the owner will need to teach Chihuahua to do some basic movements. As the training gets deeper, Chihuahua will slowly complete the training alone.

The training of Chihuahua must be done step by step, and pet owners must not be anxious. When training, try to be as simple and stylized as possible. Divide a completed training into one step, and then follow the steps to train Chihuahua. Whenever Chihuahua completes the entire training smoothly, as a pet owner, You should praise it and encourage it. Touching it or giving it delicious snacks is the best way to encourage it.

Train Chihuahua’s basic movements. In the process of training, the owner’s attitude should be fair and serious. You can’t spoil Chihuahua, And you also can’t abuse Chihuahua maliciously. Simply put, Chihuahua should be praised when it is time to praise , and criticism should be punished promptly.

Chihuahua’s basic movement training should be persisted every day, and it is generally best to train about 1 hour before eating and drinking. Note that training Chihuahua can be performed about 3 times a day, but each training should not be too long. Generally speaking, you can keep training for about 10-15 minutes.

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