How will Poodle behave when it gets old?

How will Poodle behave when it gets old?

When Poodle is old, it will not look as good as it was when you were young, but the owner should not dislike it. After all, he was raised by himself. Then the owner knows how Poodle will behave when it is old?

Vision and hearing become poor

When you enter the elderly, Poodle will gradually become poor in terms of vision and hearing. Sometimes you call it to your side, maybe it has heard it, but when it comes over, it will bump and hurt itself, and Did not react so quickly.

Decreased excretory function

After Poodle gets old, its excretion function will decline over time, and the elderly Poodle will increase the amount of water to drink. In addition, the excretion function is not good, and urine leakage will often occur. The owner should not dislike it, and be patient. Take care of it, after all, you need more care when you are old.

Dog Care - How will Poodle behave when it gets old?

Slow movement

The old Poodle will become very sluggish in its movements. It walks like an old man, slowly, not as agile as it was when he was young, and he is reluctant to move. He always sleeps at home, the owner. To take more time to accompany it, you can play games with it appropriately, and interact with it more, which is beneficial to it.

Decreased resistance

As the poodle gets old, its resistance will become weaker, the secretion of digestive enzymes in the body will decrease, and the frequency of vomiting and diarrhea will increase. If the owner finds that the dog has this condition, he can add some probiotics to the dog food, or It is taken directly with probiotics, which helps to improve immunity.

Hair turns white

The most obvious manifestation of Poodle entering the old age is that the hair will gradually turn white, from the mouth to the eye sockets and then to the body. In addition, even if the dog reaches the old age, we should not ignore the grooming of the hair. Daily combing helps Poodle’s blood circulation and metabolism.

Shape change

After Poodle gets old, their body shape will basically have some changes, such as: body rickets, hunchback, body may become fat or thinner, and the legs will also change. We can’t control these, we can give Just caring more and staying with it well.

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