Identification and selection of French bulldogs.

Identification and selection of French bulldogs.

The French Bulldog has heavy bones, a smooth coat, compact structure, and a medium or small body. It is a lively, intelligent, and muscular dog with a vigilant, curious and interested expression. The French bulldog’s coat is short, slender and shiny , and the coat colors are tabby, fawn, white and so on. The size is smaller than the average bulldog, and the pair of bat ears it has is particularly attractive. The body is short and round, with strong bones, well-developed muscles, and compact structure; the chest is wide and deep, and the ribs are plumped up; the shoulders are wide, short and strong, the waist is narrow, the hind hips are bent, and the abdomen is well-developed.

★ Body height: about 30 cm.

★ Weight: 10~14 kg.

★ Head: The head is large and square, the head cover is flat between the ears, the forehead is obvious, and the eyes are obviously sunken; the muzzle is wide and deep; the cheeks are well muscled; the nose is short and wide ; the lips are soft and wide, but not Salivating, dark in color, not showing teeth when closed; lower jaw is deep, square, wide and not prominent, slightly raised.

★ Ears: bat ears with wide bases and round and upright ends; the bases of the ears are high, the two ears should not be too close, the ear hairs are fine and soft, and the ear holes are facing forward.

★ Eyes: located under the head cover, far away from the ears; the eyes are dark, not concave and slightly protruding, and the nictitating membrane and conjunctiva are not visible from the front.

★ Neck: The neck is slightly short, thick and slightly arched, the skin of the throat is loose, and there are a few wrinkles.

★ Torso: short and round body, strong bones, well-built muscles, compact structure; wide chest, full ribs, wide shoulders and backs, short, strong, narrow waist, large curvature of the hips, and a well-developed abdomen. The genitals must be healthy.

★ Limbs: Strong limbs, well-developed muscles, and special standing posture; forelegs are short and strong, curved slightly in a circle shape; the distance between the shoulders is wide; the hind limbs are strong, longer than the forelegs, and the muscles are full, so the waist is higher than the shoulders; the size of the feet is moderate, Compact, with short toes and short claws.

★ Tail: straight or spiral (but not curled), short, drooping, thick at the root, and thin at the tip. Hang down while resting.

★ Coat: The coat is smooth and short, close to the skin, soft and shiny. The skin is soft and loose, and there are often wrinkles on the head and shoulders.

★ Coat color: tabby, camel, white, tabby with white, and other colors (except for disqualified colors). Except for pure black, mouse color, liver color, black with brown, black with white, or white with black, all colors are acceptable. Black means black without tabby.

★ Gait: Unique, flexible, and gentle step, with very good jumping ability.

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