Identification and selection of Pomeranian.

Identification and selection of Pomeranian.

The age of the dog can be judged from the teeth of the puppies. The teeth of the puppies are white and short. Generally, the deciduous teeth will grow at 3 to 4 weeks after birth, and all the deciduous teeth will be straight at the age of 2 months. Later, at the age of 3 to 4 months, permanent teeth will begin to grow; generally at the age of 8 to 9 months, the permanent teeth will grow evenly. The permanent teeth are white and thick, and the incisors have sharp protrusions. When buying puppies, you can generally judge the age of the month based on the milk teeth. At 1 month of birth, the mammary canine teeth grow, the second and fourth mammary premolars grow at 1 and a half months, and all the deciduous teeth grow at the age of 2 months; at the age of 3 to 4 months, the permanent incisor teeth grow. In this way, the young age can be preliminarily judged.

Many people hope to start keeping dogs as young as one or two months old, and don’t like dogs that are too big. In fact, if you encounter older or adult dogs by fate, you can still become a caring companion as long as you take a little patience. Especially the stray and weathered dogs will most cherish your helping hand. On the contrary, The performance is better than the one raised since childhood, maybe, and there are still many problems and troubles before one year old.

【Male Dog and Female Dog】

There is no difference in intelligence between male and female dogs of the same breed, and there is not much difference between male and female dogs in the size and weight of small breeds. Of course, adult male dogs are slightly larger than females. Generally speaking , there is not much difference between male and female dogs. Male dogs may be more lively and female dogs are more obedient. Male dogs are likely to be slightly larger, and female dogs generally look better in terms of physical appearance.. The biggest difference between male and female is that normal adult bitches have to give birth and feed their puppies after they become pregnant during the reproductive period. However, male dogs will be “impulsive” at any time after adulthood, and female dogs will estrus twice a year on average, and the vulva will bleed, and may soil the carpet, floor, or attract male dogs to wait on them. However, ligation can solve this problem.

[Long Hair and Short Hair]

Long-haired dogs are more troublesome to take care of, and they must be groomed or groomed and trimmed regularly. They are more suitable for keeping indoors, otherwise they will often bring dirty things into the door. Regardless of long-haired or short- haired, dogs will change their hair twice a year. Moulting between spring and summer takes about two months. At this time, you have to brush your hair every day, otherwise it will be easy to get hairy balls, or you will fall into the hair everywhere in the house. Short-haired dogs are much more convenient to cook. They are easy to dry after a shower, but the hair is too short and the skin is usually not good. It is not easy to choose a perfect dog. After getting along for a long time, I am accustomed to seeing my own dog and looking at other people’s.

[Health Judgment]

Health is the first condition for owning a pet dog. Only healthy puppies can be vaccinated and can add joy to your life, not trouble. So, how to judge the health of a puppy?

The first is to see: observe the mental state of the puppies, healthy puppies are active, curious, sensitive, and not afraid of people. Head: The nose is wet and cold, the eyes are bright, and there is no unclean eye discharge . The ears have no peculiar smell and no brown discharge. Teeth and tongue are red, and tongue is red and wet. The neck rotates flexibly; the tail swings freely when you sniff first. The anus and genitals are very clean, not itch, no hair loss, no hair loss, no redness and swelling on the tips of the ears, face, and feet, strong limbs, full of energy, cheerful, lively, lean over at the first call, responsive to the voice Responsive, no calculus in the teeth, no long toenails, no coughing, sneezing, or drooling. Followed by touching: the whole body is not tender, the coat is smooth, and the skin has no protrusions or scars; the limbs are flexible, and there should be a “concave waist” reflex when touching the waist; the ribs are smooth and no nodules. Generally spe aking, the main congenital factor that determines the dog’s character is breed rather than gender. Some breeds of dogs are active, some are nosy and barking, and some breeds are loyal to one owner; therefore, when choosing a pet for young children, you should first understand what breed of dog is most suitable for your personality and yours. The living conditions, especially some dogs that require a lot of exercise, are not suitable for dog lovers in high-rise apartments in the city; some dogs love to bark , which can easily cause neighborhood disputes.

Among the many Pomeranians, choosing a dog that really suits you is also a very simple matter. Then according to the above method, I hope you can find your ideal dog and live happily with it.

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