Insecure dogs generally have these phenomena!

Insecure dogs generally have these phenomena!

Some dogs lack a certain sense of security in the process of getting along with their owners, so how should they be judged? In fact, dogs who are insecure in their hearts generally have the following phenomena!

Unstable sleeping

Insecure dogs, they will always stay alert when sleeping, they will be in a state of light sleep, and they can be awakened even with a little sound.

If your dog is like this, think more about what caused it. If it is because the dog has just arrived at a new home, this phenomenon is more common. Ask the owner to give time and space for the dog to adapt slowly.

Like hiding food

It can be said that dogs hide food by their nature. When they were in the wild, they had to think about the next one after eating, so they would hide some food for the next meal. If the dog There was no such behavior before . Suddenly, it is possible that the dog has experienced a hungry stomach, and his heart has shown an insufficient sense of security for the food supply.

Does not show my belly easily

The dog’s belly is very important, and it is a very soft place. If they are attacked, there is only one result, and that is death, so they must be careful to protect their belly. If dogs lack a sense of security and don ‘t trust their surroundings, they will not easily show their stomachs because they are worried about being attacked.

Always hide under the table

If the dog is insecure, they usually choose to stay in the corner or under the bed or table. These places can provide shelter for the dog to protect the dog from being attacked to the maximum extent.

Unwilling to play interactively

Insecure dogs are more fearful in their hearts. Many times they just want to sleep on their own and are unwilling to interact. Even if they are facing their owners or other dogs, they have no desire to play.

If the dog has the above phenomenon, the owner must spend more time and energy with the dog. Obtain the dog’s trust and let the dog gradually have a certain sense of security.

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