Intestinal obstruction in cats.

Intestinal obstruction in cats.

Introduction to cat bowel obstruction

Intestinal obstruction in cats is a common digestive system disease in cats. It refers to the obstruction of the intestinal cavity caused by physical or functional factors, which prevents the contents of the intestine from passing smoothly. The main disease location is in the small intestine, which can be divided into complete obstruction and incomplete obstruction according to the degree of obstruction.

Causes of intestinal obstruction in cats

1. There are foreign bodies in the cat’s small intestine, such as bones, fruit pits, hair bulbs, and a large number of parasites.

2. The cat suffers from intussusception causing intussusception.

3. Intestinal adhesions secondary to cats undergoing abdominal surgery.

4. Tumors, granulation, etc. grow in the cat’s intestines, which leads to narrowing of the intestinal lumen.

5. Cats often lick their hairs, causing hair bulbs to block the intestines.

Symptoms of bowel obstruction in cats

Cats may vomit. The initial vomit contains indigestible food and mucus, and then bile and intestinal contents are found in the vomit. The cat will have abdominal pain and will not want people to touch its abdomen. Cats gradually showed symptoms such as anorexia, weakness, and depression. Finally, the cats developed dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, and various organ failures in the late stage, which led to the cat’s death in shock.

Treatment of intestinal obstruction in cats

The program is generally divided into conventional conservative therapy and surgical therapy. The conventional method is to give cats edible oil, etc., to expel the blockages in the intestinal tract. The surgical method is to crush the obstruction in the intestinal tract or cut the intestinal tube to remove the obstruction in the form of surgery.

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