Is it okay for Bichon Frise to sleep with you?

Is it okay for Bichon Frise to sleep with you?

Bichon Frise is one of the most popular dog breeds at the moment. It has a white body, a cute appearance, and is likable, but it is very sticky to the owner. Even if you want to sleep with you, let Bichon Frise go to bed with you, okay? After reading it, I know how to choose.

The disadvantages of sleeping with Bichon Frise

May lick your wound

Everyone knows that if Bichon Frise is injured, it will lick its own wounds. If you sleep with Bichon Frise, it will find that you have a wound, and it will lick it. Although the dog’s saliva contains enzymes, it has a slight antipruritic and disinfectant effect. , But more of it contains bacteria, so your wound may become serious.

The bed will be dirtier

Although Bichon Frise does not shed much hair, Bichon Frise is more fun to play, and its foot pads are also very dirty. After playing, it is easy to make the bed dirty. In addition, it is difficult to guarantee that Bichon Frise will not be excreted in the bed. It also becomes very troublesome to clean up.

Become more dependent on you

Bichon Frise itself is a dog breed that is very dependent on humans. The owner will miss it very much if the owner is not at home. What’s more, if you sleep with you every day, it will become even more dependent. It will become the kind that can’t be separated from you, if it takes a long time. If you don’t see you, you will even get depression.

May be infected with parasites

When the owner takes Bichon Frise out for a walk, Bichon Frise will inevitably play in the grass or roll on the ground, so that it is easy to be infected with parasites, common fleas, etc. If you let Bichon Frise go to bed, you may also be infected with parasites. It’s worms, so the pet owner must do a good job of deworming them regularly, and it’s best to put them in bed after taking a shower.

In addition, after the owner deworms Bichon Frise, the anthelmintic stimulates the gastrointestinal mucus, so it is prone to vomiting and diarrhea. The pet owner should give Bichon Frise some probiotics to regulate the stomach, improve vomiting and diarrhea, improve immunity, and promote gastrointestinal tract. Metabolism.

Dog Care - Is it okay for Bichon Frise to sleep with you?

Benefits of sleeping with Bichon Frise

Sleep quality will be improved

Sleeping with Bichon Frise will improve your sleep quality, because sleeping with it will feel safe and comfortable. This is why so many people like to sleep with Bichon Frise.

Make your time to wake up stable

Bichon Frise’s wake-up time is very stable. After a certain period of time, it will get up. When it gets bored, it will wake you up and let you play with it. This way you will not have the opportunity to sleep in. Don’t be afraid of being late, because they always have a way to wake you up.

More secure

Although Bichon Frise is not as smart and vigilant as other dogs, it is also more vigilant than humans. After all, dogs are a little sensitive. If there is any big movement, Bichon Frise will also bark and wake you up. Bichon Frise feels more secure when he sleeps.

What else should I pay attention to when raising Bichon Frise?

The pet owners who raise Bichon Frise know that Bichon Frise is born with well-developed lacrimal glands, which are prone to tear marks. Bichon Frise with tear marks is not so attractive and does not look cute at all. Then the pet owner should pay attention to diet except To be light, you can choose some light, low-salt, heat-clearing dog food, which can alleviate the tears caused by diet.

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