Is the dog full of fleas? Teach you a few tricks, no longer worry.

Is the dog full of fleas? Teach you a few tricks, no longer worry.

Dogs are prone to fleas. If fleas are not detected and treated in time, they will affect their health. This is a common and always-existent distress for dog owners. It doesn’t matter, teach you a few tricks, no longer worry!

Determine whether fleas appear on the dog:

Keep tickling

People who are bitten by mosquitoes can’t help scratching the bitten place. The same is true for dogs. If they have fleas on their body, they will feel very itchy and can’t help scratching. Pet owners should observe the dog more often. Dogs, find that dogs often scratch their bodies, most of them are infected with fleas!

Red appears in the bath water

If there are fleas on the dog’s body, there will be flea excrement, and the flea excrement will turn red when exposed to water, so the pet owner can let the dog stand in the basin when bathing the dog. The bath water inside is red, so we have to clean up the fleas for the dog.

Dog Care - Is the dog full of fleas? Teach you a few tricks, no longer worry.

Is there a little red dot

The pet owner can check whether there are many “small red spots” on the dog’s lower back, tail base, and skin under the hair. If there are, it means that the dog has been infected with fleas, and these “small red spots” are flea bites. Evidence for dogs.

What should I do if fleas appear?

Insect Repellent Potion

If there are more fleas on the dog’s body, it is recommended that the pet owner spray the dog with insect repellent. Go to the pharmacy to buy a good-quality insect repellent. After that, the dog may have vomiting and diarrhea and loss of appetite. The pet owner can buy some pet probiotics for the dog to regulate the stomach.

Use medical alcohol

The pet owner can buy some medical alcohol from the pharmacy and apply it evenly on the dog’s skin with cotton towels and cotton swabs. The medical alcohol can paralyze the fleas. If they lose control, they will fall off the dog. Then the pet owner will kill and clean it. It’s okay.

Bathe with anti-flea soap

If you find that your dog is infected with fleas, you can buy some anti-flea soap for bathing. Put the anti-flea soap on the dog, then knead the foam, leave it for a few minutes and then wash it off. After washing, remember to dry the dog’s hair to prevent the dog from catching a cold.

Dog diet problems three do not

Don’t feed too much. The dog can’t feel that he is full. Pay more attention to it. Just feed the dog until the dog’s abdomen just rises.

Don’t just feed meat, eating meat without vegetables is prone to various physical problems, and imbalanced nutritional intake is very harmful to dogs.

Do not feed foods with high salt content. Dogs eating foods with high salt content will easily cause tear marks and hair loss, which affects appearance and health. Dogs should keep their diet light and try to keep the salt as low as possible. It is best to feed some nutritious dog food.

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