It turns out that dogs hate these things.

It turns out that dogs hate these things.

After raising a dog for a long time, you will find that dogs are actually like us humans. They have things they like and things they hate, but they can’t speak, so even if they hate them, we won’t know. The following content only knows that dogs hate these things!

Noisy environment, irritating smell

The hearing of a dog is 16 times that of a human, so a very noisy environment will make a dog feel a lot of pressure, long-term hope that in such an environment, its hearing will also be affected, and even cause irreversible damage.

Its sense of smell is 40 times that of humans, and it is very sensitive. Some pungent odors can make it sneeze wildly, and even vomit, such as perfume, fengyoujing, etc.

Pulling hard when walking the dog

Every dog likes to go out for a walk. This is an extremely relaxing thing for them, so we will also see it like to smell and see everywhere.

But at this time, if you pull it hard, it will make it uncomfortable, and a thing it likes will become something it hates.

Wear inappropriate clothes

In fact, it’s best not to dress your dog unless it’s very cold in winter, and some dogs don’t like to be restrained themselves, if they wear inappropriate clothes. , That would really make it annoying.

If you want to dress your dog, you should pay attention to the choice of fabrics, because your dog’s skin is very sensitive, so you must choose clothes with good air permeability.

Excessive reprimanding of dogs at inappropriate times

The most annoying thing for dogs is that the owner scolds him when it is inappropriate. You may have done it for so many years. Generally speaking, the training of dogs is mainly based on reward and affirmation, and reprimand and scolding are supplemented. The training effect will be better.

When it does something wrong, it must clearly tell it that the thing is wrong, and pay attention to the current situation, and don’t scold it later, so that it doesn’t know what it did wrong, of course it’s in it. Pay attention to rewards when you do well, you can reward some molar dog snacks.

Dog Care - It turns out that dogs hate these things.

Keep staring at the dog

The owner staring straight at the dog can also make the dog feel extremely stressed. It will think that he has done something wrong, especially pay attention to when you meet the dog outside, you can stare straight at it. Make it feel threatened and launch an attack.

If your dog is staring at you at ordinary times, the owner should not worry about it. In fact, he is just reminding you that he is hungry and wants you to feed him food. Here you need to remind the owner that he feeds the dog. Food is best not leftovers, because these foods will affect the health of the dog, it is best to be dog food, because the dog food is scientifically formulated and is the most suitable for dogs.

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