It’s cold, what are the precautions for dogs?

It’s cold, what are the precautions for dogs?

It’s already autumn before you know it. Senior dog breeders know that there are precautions for keeping dogs in each season. If you don’t know these, it is likely that your ignorance will hurt your dog, the editor below thinks Tell everyone about autumn, don’t harm your dog because of your ignorance.


Autumn is the second estrus period of the dog in a year. Dogs in estrus need careful attention from their owners, especially bitches. Male dogs will be relatively irritable during estrus, so the owner must take care to prevent it. In the event of an accident, you should also pay attention to supplementing them with sufficient nutrition, because dogs lose their nutrients quickly during estrus.

Environmental sanitation

Autumn is here. Don’t harm your dog because of your ignorance. You should pay more attention to environmental hygiene. After all, there are more bacteria. You must clean it regularly, and don’t let your dog live in a dark environment. Take it out for a walk and bask in the mild sun.

Keep warm work

Autumn is here, and the temperature difference between day and night has gradually increased. The sun may be shining during the day, but it will be chilly at night. At this time, the owner needs to pay attention to keeping the dog warm, otherwise it will be easy to catch a cold!

Dog Care - It's cold in autumn, what are the precautions for dogs?

Deworming work

I believe that many people like the cool season of autumn. Because of the suitable autumn weather, it also gives the parasites a chance to grow, so that dogs are more likely to be infected with parasites. Therefore, the owner should pay attention to deworming it regularly. Work to prevent the invasion of parasites.

In addition, the dewormed dog may be stimulated by deworming drugs and have diarrhea. In fact, this is normal. The owner should not worry too much. It is good to feed some probiotics to help it regulate the intestines and stomach.


I believe everyone has discovered that in summer, you will feel that your appetite is not so good. When it comes to autumn and winter, your appetite will increase significantly. In fact, dogs are the same. Of course, even if they can eat, be careful not to give them too much. After all, eating too much can easily lead to obesity and various diseases, and such eating habits are not good for the stomach.

Therefore, the owner should still feed the dog regularly and quantitatively. If your dog is already obese, take it out to exercise more. It is best to choose low-fat dog food for feeding.

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