Judging the dog’s age can be inferred from these 4 points.

Judging the dog’s age can be inferred from these 4 points.

There are more and more dog owners, but those who own dogs may not always know the age of their dog, except when buying. Learning to judge the age of the dog can facilitate better breeding and care of the dog in the future.


The easiest and most accurate method is to observe the number and changes of the dog’s teeth. Newborn puppies have no teeth, and it takes about 20 days before they start to grow deciduous teeth.

Generally, there are 28 teeth in puppies and 42 teeth in adult dogs. This is the best way to judge adult dogs and young dogs.


In addition to the natural white hair of dogs, dogs aged 6-7 can see that there will be a small amount of white hair near the lips, which will increase significantly after the age of 8, and the forehead, face, and head of the dog after the age of 10 A lot of white hair indicates that the dog is beginning to enter the old age.

As time goes by, the white hairs slowly extend, and the more white the hairs are, the older the dog is, and the individual hairs will remain unchanged.

Dog Care - Judging the dog’s age can be inferred from these 4 points.


Dogs aged 1-5 years old are light and flexible, and have agile steps. Dogs aged 7-10 years old have a steady pace and slow speed. After 10 years old, they are called elderly dogs. They will be slow in movement and have their backs bent. Her body function will decline, she will not dare to try dangerous movements, and she will not have much desire for exercise. The owner can feed some high-protein goat milk powder to strengthen her bones.


The young dog’s eyes have a hint of vitality, they are clear and bright. As for dogs in old age, their eyes will appear dry, and tears will appear at the corners of the two eyes.

A dog’s life span is only a dozen years. As a master, he must accompany and take care of him. If he wants him to stay healthy and stay with you for a longer period of time, he must pay more attention to his diet. Many dog health problems mostly occur in his dog’s life. diet.

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