Keeping a dog has these benefits! I guess you want to raise one after reading it!

Keeping a dog has these benefits! I guess you want to raise one after reading it!

Obviously raising a dog is so troublesome, why are more and more people raising dogs now? What is good about keeping a dog? In fact, there are many benefits to keeping a dog! It is estimated that after reading the following benefits, you also want to raise one!

The benefits of keeping a dog:

Good housekeeper

Since ancient times, dogs have been good masters at home nursing homes. They are vigilant, loyal, and have a strong sense of territory. If they find someone infringes on their home, they can also protect their home and their owners and give them a little bit of harm. Stress is undoubtedly the addition of a security guard, which is one of the benefits of keeping a dog.

Life is more interesting

After raising a dog, you will find that there will be a lot of excitement at home. If you are alone at home, you will inevitably feel lonely! Having a dog is naturally very different, life becomes more interesting, and there is an interesting “soul” to accompany you.

Sleep quality will get better

If your sleep quality is not good, you might as well try to raise a dog and sleep with it at night. It is safe and comfortable. Why not do it? Of course, this benefit is also the reason why many people choose to keep a dog.

One more listener

Many pet owners will complain to the dog after raising a dog, and the dog will not secretly tell others what you are talking about. In this way, you can share everything you can and cannot. , It is completely possible to be the truest self.

Increase exercise volume, strengthen physical fitness

People who do not usually exercise must have good physical fitness without exercise. An important benefit after raising a dog is that the amount of exercise has increased. If the dog does not exercise, it will be more likely to get sick, so the owner takes the dog to exercise at the same time. It has the best of both worlds by increasing the amount of exercise and strengthening the physical fitness.

Dog Care - Keeping a dog has these benefits! I guess you want to raise one after reading it!

What else should I pay attention to when raising a dog?

Deworming regularly. Dogs playing outside will inevitably burrow in the grass and roll on the ground. They are easily infected with parasites. So remember to deworm your dogs regularly, otherwise they will easily get sick. You will be uncomfortable at that time. Deworming Divided into in vitro and in vivo, once a month outside the body, once every three months in the body.

In addition, the dog’s gastrointestinal tract is relatively fragile. The anthelmintic used for deworming can easily cause the dog to vomit and diarrhea, which is very uncomfortable. It is recommended that the pet owner give the dog some probiotics to treat the dog’s gastrointestinal health.

Bathe regularly. Be careful not to bathe your dog frequently, but to bathe regularly. Frequent bathing will damage the skin protection layer on the dog’s surface and cause skin diseases. It is recommended that the pet owner bathe regularly, not too much, one month in summer 3-4 times are sufficient, 1-2 times a month in winter.

Vaccination, vaccinating dogs is also an indispensable thing in keeping a dog. Newborn dogs start the first shot at about 45 days after the birth, and first get three shots of hexavaccine (the next shot will be given after 21 days between each shot) , And then give the fourth shot of rabies vaccine (after a week from the third shot), remember to do a health check before the injection,the consequences will be more serious when a bite occurs.

Choose a nutritionally comprehensive dog food. If you want your dog to grow up healthy and healthy, then the required nutrients are indispensable. Insufficient nutritional supplements can also cause illness and affect normal development. The owner should choose some meat content High-quality dog food, in addition to comprehensive vitamins and trace elements, can meet the needs of dogs.

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