Keeping pets should pay attention to these 6 key points.

Keeping pets should pay attention to these 6 key points.

Keeping pets should pay attention to these 6 key points. If you don’t pay attention, it is very likely to endanger the dog’s life.

Pay attention to the types of plants

Some owners also pay great attention to the style of daily life, and like to plant flowers and plants at home to make the air fresher at home.

But usually many green plants and dogs cannot co-exist, such as lily bamboo, ivy, perfume lily, daffodil, etc., this green plant has toxic side effects. Once the dog bites these plants into the stomach, it is likely to be poisoned, ranging from physical discomfort to severe health threatening to life.

Therefore, for the dog’s physical and mental health, the owner should plant green plants that are not toxic to the dog as much as possible, or regularly cut and trim the green plants, and put them in high places that the dog can’t touch .

The medicine at home must be hidden

The gluttonous dog wants to taste everything that seems to be edible. If medicines are placed everywhere in the home, such as medicines used by the owner to treat diseases and anti-moth medicines, such as rat medicine and mothballs, it is very easy to be swallowed by curious dogs.

If a dog swallows such an object by mistake, it will seriously endanger physical and mental health.

Maintain the power circuit at home

On the Internet, some netizens reported that their dog bit the power cord and was electrocuted.

The owner can’t just think this thing is funny. Dogs love to bite objects. It’s a small thing to bite home appliances. If you die in an electric shock accident, maybe the owner will regret it.

Therefore, the owner can usually use the power supply to store the box, arrange the thin and long cables, and pull out the unused household appliances after going out. Or spray the wires with unpleasant smells, such as mosquito repellent toilet water, lemonade, to avoid dog bites.

Close the windows and doors

In fact, not only do you have to pay attention to the problems of windows and doors when raising kittens, but you must also pay attention to raising dogs.

Sometimes the dog sees the owner coming home and is so excited that he jumps from the second floor. Therefore, the owner should close the windows and doors when he leaves the house to ensure the dog’s safety.

Give the dog enough exercise intensity

Dogs must have sufficient daily fitness exercises to be beneficial to the exercise of the whole body muscles and physical and mental health, and it consumes a lot of vitality, and can also reduce the destruction of furniture by the dog.

If the dog stays at home for a long time, it will become less and less attractive, its hair is not smooth and dull, and it is likely to have mental health problems.

Therefore, it is best for the owner to take the dog out for fitness exercises every day. There really is no time to accompany him at home for fun, and then take him out to play happily on Sundays.

Don’t put food casually

Some foods that are very delicious for the owner, such as green onions, chocolate, red grapes, etc., are indeed inedible for dogs!

In order to better prevent the greedy dog ​​​​from eating food that is harmful to it, the owner should put all the snacks in the house, put the food away, and do not put the food on the dining table or cabinet counter to prevent the dog from stealing it.

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