Labrador has these manifestations, it is lack of trace elements.

Labrador has these manifestations, it is lack of trace elements.

In the process of raising a Labrador, the pet owner will find that the Labrador will behave strangely. But it turns out that Labrador has the following manifestations, it is lack of trace elements!

Fading nose

The pet owner observes Labrador’s nose to see if its color has changed. If it occurs when the season changes, then the problem is not big, but if it fades slowly, it may be a lack of trace elements.

At this time, the pet owner had better take it out to bask in the sun, which can help Labrador restore the black and shiny nose.

Picky eaters and anorexia

Labrador is very greedy. Under normal circumstances, Labrador will not be picky or anorexia. But it will appear when it gets tired of dog food or eats too many heavy-tasting things.

Another reason is the lack of trace elements in the body. At this time, Labrador is also picky and anorexia.

Lick your hands and feet often

If your Labrador often likes to lick your hands and feet recently, and always go around you, then you should pay attention. This may also be because Labrador lacks trace elements.

Because human hands and feet have trace elements that Labrador needs, it licks you so often.


Labrador’s body resistance is good. As long as you eat a normal diet, there will be no major problems. But if your Labrador‚Äôs tongue turns pink or pale, and his gums are also pale, it may be anemia.

One of the causes of Labrador anemia is the lack of trace elements.

Hair color changes, dry skin

If your Labrador’s hair suddenly changes, such as whitening, roughness, dullness, and the skin is also dry, then pay attention, this is also one of the manifestations of its lack of trace elements.

At this time, in addition to adding trace elements to Labrador, the pet owner should also pay attention to the nourishment of the hair.


When Labrador likes to eat randomly, such as eating soil, chewing walls, eating sand, eating poop, etc., this is the manifestation of Labrador’s pica. At this time, it also shows that Labrador lacks trace elements, so it has pica.

In addition to feeding Labrador with trace elements, diet is also very important. As long as Labrador eats enough nutrients and supplements in time, there will be no lack of trace elements. Therefore, the pet owner tries to give Labrador as much as possible. Choose some dog food with high meat content and comprehensive vitamins and trace elements.

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