Life is not easy, do dogs sigh?

Life is not easy, do dogs sigh?

I believe that many dog owners will find that the dogs in the house sigh. Just like the big things, the owner is very puzzled. Is life not easy, and the dogs sigh?

Under pressure

Dogs are just as stressful as we are. For example, dogs with separation anxiety disorder will be nervous and depressed when they are separated from their owners. They will express their bad mood by sighing, and sometimes they will bark. , Demolition, etc.

Feel depressed

The dog sometimes thinks a lot, lying on the ground listlessly, frowning, looking aggrieved and sighing from time to time, indicating that the dog is feeling very depressed now, it may be because you ignored it.

Dog Care - Life is not easy, do dogs sigh?

Before sleep

Sometimes dogs will sigh before going to bed, as if they have a lot of thoughts, but in fact, dogs may be relieved because they have been tired of the day and feel relaxed, and then they can sleep peacefully, so they are satisfied. sigh.

To attract your attention

The dog is too boring at home. Seeing that you are obsessed with your own things and can’t get out of it, when you ignore it, it will walk to your side, sigh, attract your attention, and want you to play with it. The owner should not forget the dog, take some time to accompany him, you can play games and do training together, and you can reward some chicken jerky during training to make the dog happier.

Enough to eat and drink

Dogs will sigh when they eat and drink, not because they are not full, nor because they are not tasty, but because they feel very comfortable eating and drinking! Occasionally, she stretches and yawns!

Of course, what a dog needs is not just enough to eat and drink, but also to pay attention to the nutritional supplement of the dog. Insufficient nutrition of the dog can easily lead to the problem of thinness and affect normal normal development. The owner should choose some dog food with high meat content, in addition to comprehensive vitamins and trace elements, in order to meet the needs of the dog.

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