Mastering the behavioral characteristics of dogs can be better trained.

Mastering the behavioral characteristics of dogs can be better trained.

The best training age for dogs is between 3-12 months. Therefore, puppies should be selected at 5 weeks and brought home at 6-8 weeks. Otherwise, because it have less contact with people, it is very afraid of people, so it can’t adapt, it will bite people in fear, and it can’t become a pet animal.

Barking can be a plea or a precursor to an offense. Although the dog has long been domesticated, it can be restored to its wildness if it cannot be kept reasonably and treated roughly. Joy, anger, and fear can be seen from the dog’s gestures and expressions.When the dog wags its tail, twists its body, jumps around its owner, its eyes show radiance, its ears swing back, and it makes a sweet nasal sound. This is an expression of joy; when fearful, its tail is sandwiched between its hind legs. , The body shrank into a ball, hiding in the corner of the house or behind the owner. When they are scolded loudly, they will whine and show a look of fear. The dog clamps its tail between the two strands, hoping to reduce its size, reduce the area of ​​injury, and fully demonstrate its self-defense instinct; when angry At times, the whole body becomes hard, the limbs are straight on the ground, the back hair is erect, the body is lowered, and the teeth are exposed. In addition, the ears are erected and humming; when it is warned, the head is raised and the tail is shaking; when it is uneasy or painful, the bark will be unstable, and it will be emitted from the nose, the tail droops, and the front feet slam the ground, showing A confidant gesture.

Dog Training - Mastering the behavioral characteristics of dogs can be better trained.

The dog’s code of conduct for strangers is to judge the strength of the opponent based on the height of his line of sight. As soon as a stranger approaches, the feeling of pressure coming down from above will make it uneasy. If you is lower than the height seen by its eyes, you will make it more at ease.

Dogs are like social animals. Master-slave dogs can be produced in the group, and this master-slave relationship enables them to live in groups in a relatively peaceful manner.

The dog’s weakness is on the right, and it will act to protect the right. When it is chased and desperate, it will put its right side against the wall and the left side to face the enemy. This habit is the instinct that a dog is born with;

The dog shows its obedience and surrender to the other side by letting people look at its belly. There are also certain rules in the doggie society, and they will never attack opponents who have fallen down and their stomachs are exposed. When a dog lays its belly upside down to sleep, it means that it is at ease or trusting, so that people can see or touch its belly;

Dog Training - Mastering the behavioral characteristics of dogs can be better trained.

Dogs like people more than their kind, not only because people can take care of them and feed them. The main reason is that dogs build relationships with people. Dogs have a strong sense of protection for their owners.

Dogs have territorial habits, that is, they occupy a certain area and protect them from other animals. But when it goes out of the range of its own guard. They use the secretions of the anal glands to make the feces have a special smell, and the sweat secreted by the sweat glands between the toes and scratching on the ground with the hind limbs as a mark of territory. If you move to a new place, a new scope can be established after 10 days;

Dogs are very jealous. When you focus on a new dog and neglect to take care of it, it will become angry, disobey the established habits, and become irritable and destructive;

Dogs also have vanity and like people to praise him. When it does a good thing, or does some small skill activities, you clap your hands to praise it, touch it, and it will be as satisfied as having a good meal. Dogs are also shy. If they do something wrong or have their hair cut too short, they will hide somewhere and come out until they are hungry.

In terms of memory, the dog seems to never forget his voice for people who have been intimate with him, and at the same time he can remember where he has lived. But some people think that dogs rely on their sensory sensitivity to recognize the voices of acquaintances and recognize places.

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