Method of training cats.

Method of training cats.

There are many ways to train cats, but the basic methods commonly used are roughly as follows:   

Coercion: Coercion refers to the use of mechanical stimuli and threatening passwords to force cats to complete actions accurately and smoothly. When training the cat to lie down, the trainer sends out the “lying down” command, and at the same time, the trainer slung the cat down with his hands to force the cat to lie down. After repeating this several times, the cat will quickly form a conditioned reflex to lie down.

Induction: Induction is a means of inducing cats to make movements with delicious food and trainers’ movements. For example, while sending out the “come” command, the trainer takes a piece of cat’s favorite food and shakes it in front of it, but does not give it to the cat, and while backing up, the trainer keeps issuing the “come” command. In this way, the cat will follow the lure of food, and quickly form a conditioned reflex. The induction method is most suitable for kittens.  

Reward: Reward refers to the means adopted in order to strengthen the correct action of the cat or consolidate the preliminarily formed conditioned reflex. Reward methods include food, caress and praise. Reward and compulsion must be used in combination to be effective. Every time the cat is forced to make the correct action at the beginning, the reward must be given immediately. As the training progresses, rewards will be given after completing some complex actions. Only in this way can the rewards be fully utilized.  

Punishment: Punishment is a means used to prevent cats from incorrect actions or abnormal behaviors, including reprimand, tapping on the head and neck, etc. The degree of punishment should be determined according to the specific circumstances and the cat’s temperament. The cat should not be overly hit on the head and forcibly pulled its tail, so that it will be overwhelmed. The use of punishments should also be minimized during training to prevent cats from feeling scared and bored with training.

Things to pay attention to when training kittens:

(1) The trainer must have patience and confidence, step by step, tirelessly, not afraid of failure, and insist on training the cat.

(2) The training of cats should start from the kitten period. Because kittens are the most active, curious, and interested in anything curious, it is the most suitable and easier to tune at this time.

(3) The best time for training cats should be before feeding. Because cats are closer to people when they are hungry, and more listening, food stimulation can be effectively used to train cats at this time.

(4) In the training, it is necessary to organically combine various stimuli and methods. It is not possible to have a strong attitude, nor to let it be free, but to use both rigid and soft, and a combination of lenient and strict . But when training a certain action, do not use too many methods, so as not to be at a loss for the cat.

(5) Be kind during the training process, don’t be too anxious. Cats have a stubborn personality, strong self-esteem, and don’t want to be manipulated by others. Therefore, pet owners should have a friendly attitude and be like playing with cats during training, otherwise Cats have an aversion to training, which will affect all training processes.

(6) The rewards and penalties should be clearly distinguished in the training. For those who complete the action requirements, a small amount of delicious food is given as a reward, and they can also be touched lightly to show praise; for those who do not follow the instructions or fail to complete the action requirements, they should be given appropriate reprimands as a punishment.

(7) During the entire training process, a dedicated person must be in charge. Several people should not train the cat at the same time to avoid distracting the cat. The training should be carried out in a quiet environment without loud noises and sudden movements . The cat is scared away or unwilling to be trained.

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