Notice! Not only grapes, but also these foods dogs can’t eat.

Notice! Not only grapes, but also these foods dogs can’t eat.

Dogs are always greedy, but watch out! The pet owner must not just give it to the dog just because of the dog’s gentle attack on you. Not only grapes, but also these foods dogs can’t eat! Be vigilant!


Chocolate contains a lot of theobromine. People can excrete this substance through their own metabolism when they eat it, but dogs cannot excrete it on their own. This will reduce the blood supply to the dog’s head and cause life threats.

Onion, garlic

There are many disulfide compounds in onions and garlic. People will digest them through their own immune system after eating them, but they are difficult for dogs to digest. These substances will destroy the red blood cells in the dog’s body, and in severe cases, it will cause The dog has anemia.

Dog Care - Notice! Not only grapes, but also these foods dogs can’t eat.

Massive liver

The liver contains a lot of vitamin A. Vitamin A cannot excrete the excess part of the body through urination. When the accumulated amount reaches a toxic amount, the dog will be poisoned by vitamin A, and the liver also affects the dog’s absorption of calcium. Severe calcium deficiency in the body threatens the health of dogs.

Chicken bone

It seems normal for dogs to eat bones and cats to eat fish, but eating chicken bones for dogs is a very dangerous thing. Chicken bones can be easily crushed by dogs, but the broken chicken bones are relatively sharp, and eating it will easily cause the dog to get stuck in the throat and cut the dog’s intestines and stomach, leading to life-threatening things.


Milk contains lactose, and the dog’s body cannot digest lactose. Feeding it with milk can easily lead to indigestion, and sometimes problems such as bloating and dehydration. Of course, dogs can drink milk, they can choose goat milk powder or other pet-specific milk. It is recommended that “gluttonous non-greasy goat milk powder” is specially added with fructo-oligosaccharides to protect the stomach and intestines.


The owner will feed the dog moderately with fruits when supplementing nutrition for the dog, but among the fruits, grapes are forbidden. Feeding grapes to the dog can easily cause acute kidney failure in the dog, and cause fatal injury in severe cases. In addition, raisins are also forbidden.

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