Notice! You may be among the kinds of people that dogs hate!

Notice! You may be among the kinds of people that dogs hate!

Like us, dogs will have people and things they hate. Then, do you know which kinds of people do dogs hate or be wary of? Dogs will bite you in severe cases! You may be among them!

People who take dog food

Don’t try to get dog food because of curiosity and playfulness. Even the owner has to discuss it with him before taking it, let alone strangers. Dogs are food-protective and they will think you have robbed it. Food, without even thinking about it, will naturally attack you and bite you.

People who see a nervous dog

In life, there are inevitably many people who are afraid of dogs. When they see a dog, they will stare at it, afraid that it will rush to bite you, and appear anxious and nervous, but this often makes the dog feel nervous. Uneasy, emotionally affected, the guard dog will bark.

Dog Care - Notice! You may be among the kinds of people that dogs hate!

People who always slap dogs on the head

A dog will like to be petted by someone alone, but a dog will also hate you because you always pat its head. The dog will think that you are provoking him. If you don’t mean to be provocative, the best way is Gently stroke its chin or back.

A person who yells at a dog

Some owners always yell when educating their dogs. Dogs will be afraid and anxious when they hear such loud noises. They cannot control themselves well and make extreme behaviors. It’s useless for the owner to educate the dog to yell and yell. Usually the owner needs to bring the dog for training, so it’s not so easy to do wrong things. Train with some chicken jerky snacks to make it more active.

The person who frightened the dog

If you want to scare the dog and make yourself happy, I advise you not to do it, it is easy to be bitten. Dogs are more vigilant, even if they fall asleep, they can wake up quickly to defend themselves, especially some fierce dogs.

The people that dogs hate are because they offend or affect them. In fact, we can avoid them. The owner should also understand the temperament of his dog, cultivate feelings with him, and train him more. It will not be so easy. Hurt others!

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