Personality characteristics of Pomeranian.

Personality characteristics of Pomeranian.

The overall first impression of a Pomeranian should be aesthetic, with a fox-like expression on the face, but at the same time a naive and lively personality.

Because of the difference between males and females, Pomeranians should have obvious differences in temperament appearance, that is, male dogs should have a “cruel” appearance and show a domineering look; female dogs should have a “sweet” and “docile” appearance, Showing a gentle charm.

In the normal state, Pomeranians should not be too “strong” and disobedient, ignoring people’s instruction or showing too “cowardly” and afraid of approaching, avoiding people’s amusement. It can be imagined that a dog that does not obey human management at all or a dog that is completely afraid of human management will greatly reduce its enjoyment and appreciation, or this investment has no meaning and value.

German Fox Terriers are usually attentive, lively, and very loyal to their owners. Very easy to tame. Mistrust of strangers and lack of hunting instincts make it an ideal guard dog in the family or farm. This kind of dog is timid and not aggressive . Its most prominent feature is that it is not affected by the weather, is energetic, and has a long lifespan.

The Pomeranian’s gait is smooth, relaxed, harmonious and lively. Good forequarters guidance and powerful hindquarters drive. The hind legs on each side move in the same straight line as the front legs. The legs converge slightly toward the centerline of the body to achieve balance . The front and back legs are neither turned in nor out, the backline remains level and the overall profile is balanced.

Pomeranian is an outgoing, very intelligent and lively dog, making it a very good companion dog, but also a very competitive competition dog.

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