Pet Dog Common Sense-pet dog care common sense

Pet Dog Common Sense-pet dog care common sense

Common sense of pet dog ear disease

In small long-haired dogs, the ear canal structure is very narrow and the coat is very long. After the dog is bathed or drenched by rain, if water enters the ear canal, it is not easy to be discharged, causing microorganisms to develop and multiply in a humid and warm environment, causing otitis externa. 

Diagnosis points


1. Before the treatment of acutely ill dogs, the external auditory canal should be blocked with absorbent cotton ball, then the surrounding coat should be cut off, and the external auditory canal should be flushed with normal saline, 0.1% triceride or 3% hydrogen peroxide.

2. When washing, tilt the dog’s head to the side of the affected ear to facilitate the flow of the washing liquid, and then take out the cotton ball plugged in the ear canal, and then use a dry cotton ball to absorb the liquid in the ear canal.

3. Examine the deep part of the external auditory canal with an otoscope, and remove the deep foreign body, earwax or tissue fragments with ear tweezers, and finally rub the external auditory canal with boric acid glycerin (1:20) solution or tannin glycerin (1:20) solution, wipe it daily 2 to 3 times.

4. For suppurative otitis externa, clean the ear canal with antibiotic ointment after washing according to the aforementioned method.

Pet dog common sense knowledge quiz


1.Do you know how many hours your dog needs to sleep every day?

Answer: Puppies usually take about 20 hours. Adult dogs are 10-15 hours.

2.Do you know the body temperature of an adult dog?

Answer: The body temperature of healthy dogs: Small dogs: Puppies 38.5-39℃ Adult dogs 38-39℃.

Medium-sized dogs: Puppies 38.5-39℃ Adult dogs 38-38.5℃.

Large dogs: puppies 38.2-39℃, adult dogs 37.5-39℃.

3. How many years is the average life span of a dog?

Answer: Generally speaking, the average age of small dogs is higher than that of large dogs. Generally 12 years is the average age of the dog.

4. Do you know how many teeth an adult dog has?

Answer: 42 pieces.

5. Do you know how many toes on the front and back of the dog?

Answer: 5 in the front and 4 in the back.

6. Why is the nose of my pet dog always wet?

Answer: The dog will constantly lick its nose so that the cells can get more contact with odor molecules to maintain a sensitive sense of smell.

7. Do you think dogs can distinguish colors?

Answer: No, dogs are very poor in distinguishing colors, and they are basically color-blind.

9. When dogs choose food, do they rely more on smell, taste or sight?

Answer: The sense of smell. Dogs have a poor sense of taste and very sensitive sense of smell, so dogs often eat some food that smells good but tastes normal.

10. When the weather is hot, long-haired dogs need to be sheared, can they make them feel comfortable?

Answer: No, because the sweat glands of dogs are mainly distributed on the tongue and soles of the feet, and their bodies have almost no sweat glands, so cut their long hairs short. It doesn’t help them, but let the sun shine directly and burn their skin.

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